• What is LOWB and how does it work?
  • Step 1: Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange
  • Step 2: Pay USDT with fiat currency
  • Step 3: Transfer USDT onto an Altcoin Exchange
  • Step 4: Make a USDT deposit to convert
  • Step 5: Trade the LOWB
  • Last Step: Keep LOWB secure in your hardware wallets
  • Additional useful tools for trading LOWB
  • Frequently Asked Question
  • Latest News for LOWB
  • LOWB Prediction of Price and Price Movement

What is LOWB and how does it work?

What is Loser Coin ($LOWB), Anyway?
Losercoin (ticker symbol $LOWB), is a Chinese project that was started by two poor men. One is a father to two children from a village. The other is a programmer who lives a miserable existence by working 60 hours per week. In 2017, two founders discovered Bitcoin and lost a lot of money trading cryptocurrencies. They were open to the idea of a journey, and fully prepared for everything to come down. They have poured all of their savings into the liquidity fund. It is certain that the project team won’t pump the $LOWB price due to lack capital.

What’s the purpose of Loser Coin
According to Losercoin’s Reddit page there are two goals of the project. The primary goal was to make losers great again. All the losers in the world could come together to create a force unlike any other. So $LOWB is the currency for all global losers. These developers were inspired by this original idea to learn how to code on YouTube. The devs work to improve and expand the Loser Coin ecosystem. Zero is the secret goal. This is what is most likely to happen. Even the famous singer and songwriter John Legend said: “Even when I lose, I’m winning”. The more you lose the more you will win. Also, the less $LOWB you have, the worse you are.
These founders want people to understand that it is okay to lose. It’s all about getting up again and again. You can win more than you lose, but life is about more than winning.
Loser Coin’s goal seems to be contrary to many meme cryptocurrencies and their promises of Lambos, yachts and prices pumping to the moon. Instead, Loser Coin wants to unite all the losers in the world and preach that “sometimes you have to lose to appreciate the taste of a victory.” Perhaps it is this refreshing take, in the saturated meme coin market, that spurred its popularity. Losercoin was featured in popular crypto media such as CoinDesk, Decrypt, Yahoo Finance News More.

What makes Loser Coin ($LOWB), so unique?
The most distinctive aspect of the project is its self-deprecating sense if humor. The team believes that their developers watched more YouTube advertisements (they don’t have a YouTube membership) in order to bring an important innovation to the table. Combining a meme coin with a real project would be the key to bringing institutional investors and investors together.

Unpopular Project Description
Loser Coin is the native token of Loserswap (https://app.loserswap.com), a decentralized finance (DeFi) yield aggregator on Binance Smart Chain. You could use the Pools for stakes and earnings tokens, with a predetermined APR. To earn tasty loser rewards, you could also stake Liquidity Pool tokens. Loserswap allows stakers to increase their profits and multiply their tokens.

LOWB NFT Market: You can enter the LOWB NFT-Market https://www.losernft.org to purchase your favorite LoserPunk in auctions using $LOWB.
PlayToEarn gamesLoser Coin recently developed two games where you can earn $Lowb by simply playing Losergames (LoserPoker, Loserland). Lowbcraft is a promising multiplayer game that was inspired by Minecraft. The project team works tirelessly to create it.
LoserBridgeLoserBridge UI is available at https://www.loserbridge.org Loser Bridge UI is accessible at https://www.loserbridge.org

What are the Numbers of Loser (LOWB), Coins in Circulation
Loser Coin was officially launched April 21, 2021 (No Initial Coin Offering).
There will be a maximum of 100 billion LOWB in total circulation. These LOWBs are currently in circulation at around 70 billion.
This is how LOWB is distributed:
40 billion: LOWB miners (BNB, USDT, and LOWB mine pools).
30 billion: Community incentives
a) Airdrop: 20 billion
b) 10 Billion: Community members receive contribution rewards
10 billion: PancakeSwap Liquidity
10 billion: Marketing & Operation
Protocol Development: 10 Billion

Where can you buy Loser Coin (LOWB).
There are many exchanges that list $LOWB. You can purchase $LOWB from PancakeSwap’s decentralized exchange, or trade it on gate.io and bkex.com.

LOWB became tradable for the first time on May 10, 2021. It has a total supply of 60,296,840,158.155,594. LOWB’s market capitalization is USD 2,464,811.78 as of now. The current price for LOWB is $0.0000246. It is ranked 1321 in Coinmarketcap. Recently, it has surged 34.06% at the time this article was written.

LOWB is listed on a variety of crypto exchanges. However, unlike main cryptocurrencies, it can not be purchased directly with fiat money. However, you can still buy the coin by first purchasing USDT from any fiat to crypto exchange and then transfer to the cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading. In this guide article, we will explain in detail how to buy LOWB.

Step 1: Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

No KYC required!

Sign up byBit

For US traders

Sign up for UpHold

Select Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange for details:

Bybit was founded in March 2018, and is a cryptocurrency trading platform. It offers a professional platform that allows crypto traders to find a super-fast matching engine, exceptional customer service, and support from a multilingual community. Bybit initially focuses on cryptocurrency derivatives trading. This is for experienced professional traders, but it also provides a platform that allows for simple cryptocurrency purchases. It doesn’t require KYC to begin trading unlike other exchanges. This makes it much easier to buy cryptocurrency. You can still verify your identity if you need to increase the daily withdrawal limit. Their daily withdrawal limit for unregistered users is 2BTC. This is quite generous and suitable for most first-time buyers. Their website and mobile apps have simple user interfaces that make buying crypto easy. Bybit, like many other exchanges does not permit US citizens to use its platform. This is due to regulatory reasons. Although verification is not required, users can bypass temporary location checks by using a VPN. We will list some VPN services below.

Sign up on ByBit right now!
Show Details Steps ▾

Enter your email address and click “Create Account”. Make sure your password is strong to protect your account from hackers.

You will be emailed a confirmation. Click on the link and open it. Log in to your account security and set up two-factor authentication (2FA). This adds an extra layer of security to your account. It is highly recommended to keep this feature on.

ByBit offers a distinct advantage over many other exchanges. It doesn’t require you to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC). Once you’re registered, you can start trading immediately without having to wait for an automated or manual identity verification. Unverified users have a daily withdrawal limit limit of 2 BTC. Although you can increase it, this is not an option.

Step 2: Pay USDT with fiat currency

Click on ‘Buy Crypto’ > ‘One Click Buy’ at the navigation at the top. Select the amount of Bitcoin you wish to buy, then select your preferred payment method. ByBit offers many payment options, including bank transfer and credit cards. It also has a variety of other options depending on where you live. We found that a credit card is the most efficient way to pay, although it does come with some fees. You can use bank transfer and third-party payment options such as MoonPay. However, identity verification will be required with these methods. This may take some time. Click on the link below to learn more. Depending on which method you chose, the verification takes anywhere from 5 to an hour. ByBit also offers the possibility to purchase from P2P vendors. These sellers do not work for ByBit, and they operate independently. We advise that you exercise caution when using this method because scammers could be lurking on the platform.

Once you’ve chosen your payment method, click “Buy” and proceed to your payment. Congratulations! You have just made your first purchase of crypto!

UpHold is one the most popular fiat-tocrypto exchanges. It offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to trade between multiple assets, over 50 in total and more.
  • There are currently more than 7 million users around the world.
  • UpHold Debit cards can be applied for. You can use the crypto assets in your account just like any other debit card. Only available in the USA, but it will soon be available in the UK.
  • Mobile app that makes it easy to withdraw money to any bank or altcoin exchanges.
  • No hidden fees or any other account fees
  • For advanced users, there are limited buy/sell opportunities
  • If you plan to hold cryptos for a long time, you can easily set up recurring deposit accounts for Dollar Cost Averaging.
  • USDT, one of the most widely used USD-backed stablecoins, is now available. This means that altcoins with USDT trading pairs are more easily accessible.
Get signed up for UpHold right now
Show Details Steps ▾

Click ‘Next’ to enter your email. UpHold will need your real name to verify your identity and account. To ensure your account is secure from hackers, choose a strong password.

A confirmation email will be sent to you. You will receive a confirmation email. Open it and click the link. For two-factor authentication (2FA), a valid phone number will be required. It is highly recommended to keep this feature on.

You can complete your identity verification by following the next step. These steps can be daunting, especially if your goal is to purchase an asset. However, UpHold has been regulated in all major countries including the US and UK. This can be used as a compromise to buying your first cryptocurrency purchase through a trusted platform. The good news is that the entire Know-Your-Customers process (KYC), is now fully automated. It shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes to complete.

Step 2: Pay USDT with fiat currency

After you’ve completed the KYC, The next step is to choose a payment method. You will be asked to choose whether you want to use a credit/debit cards or a bank transfer. Although you might be charged higher fees depending upon your credit card company, volatile prices and how cards are used, you will still be able to make an immediate purchase. A bank transfer is cheaper, but will take longer, but depending on where you live, there will be countries that offer instant cash deposits with low fees.

You are now ready to go. Click the “Transact” screen under the “From” field and choose your fiat currency. Next, click the “To” field and select USDT. Finally, click preview to view your transaction. Then click the confirm button if everything is okay. Congratulations! You just completed your first cryptocurrency purchase.

Step 3: Transfer USDT onto an Altcoin Exchange

However, we’re not done. We need to transfer USDT to an alternate exchange that LOWB could be traded. In this case, Gate.io will serve as our exchange. Gate.io is a popular platform to trade altcoins. It has a wide range of tradable pairs. Register your account by following the link.

Register on Gate.io

Gate.io, an American cryptocurrency exchange, was launched in 2017. The exchange is American so US-investors are allowed to trade here. We recommend that US traders sign up for this exchange. The exchange is available in English as well as Chinese. This is very useful for Chinese investors. Gate.io’s main selling factor is their wide selection of trading pairs. Here you can find the majority of the latest altcoins. Gate.io boasts a large trading volume. It is one the top 20 largest exchanges for trading volume almost every day. The total trading volume is approximately. USD 100 million daily. USDT (Tether), is usually one of the 10 most popular trading pairs on Gate.io. So, to summarize the foregoing, Gate.io’s vast number of trading pairs and its extraordinary liquidity are both very impressive aspects of this exchange.

After going through the same process as with ByBit before, you will be urged to set up 2FA authentication. This adds additional security to your account.

Step 4: Make a USDT deposit to convert

It depends on which exchange policies you are required to undergo another KYC procedure. This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few weeks maximum. The process should be straightforward and simple to follow. After you are done, you will have full access your exchange wallet.

The screen may seem intimidating if you are making your first crypto deposit. It’s much easier than making a bank deposit. The box to the right will contain a string with random numbers that reads ‘USDT Address’. This is your unique public address for your USDT wallet at Gate.io. You can get USDT by providing this address to the person who will send you the funds. Click on “Copy Address” or right-click the full address and click Copy to copy it to your clipboard.

Go back to Bybit and go to Asset page. Click on withdraw. Choose USDT on your asset list.

Copy the address of your wallet into the Wallet Address box. You should verify that the addresses are identical for security reasons. You can send funds to another person by using computer malware known as clipboard altering.

To proceed, click ‘Submit’. You should immediately receive a confirmation mail. Click on the confirmation link to send your coins to Gate.io.

Go back to Gate.io, and go to your exchange wallets. It may still be being verified in blockchain network. Your coins will arrive in a few moments. It can take up to 24 hours depending on the traffic conditions in the USDT network.

After your USDT has been received, Gate.io should send you a confirmation notice. You are now ready to buy LOWB

Step 5: Trade the LOWB

Return to Gate.io and then click on ‘Exchange. Boom! What a spectacular view! Although the constantly changing figures may seem a little scary, it’s not too frightening.

The search bar is located in the right column. Make sure you select “USDT” as we will be trading USDT to altcoin pairs. Click on it, type in “LOWB”, then select the pair you wish to trade. In the middle of this page you will see a price chart for LOWB/USDT.

Below you will see a box that has a green button that reads “Buy LowB”, inside the box, select the “Market” tab as this is the easiest type of buying order. Click on the percentage buttons to either enter your amount or select how much of your deposit you want to buy. After you’ve confirmed all details, click “Buy low” Voila! Voila!

There are several popular cryptocurrency exchanges that have large user bases and decent trading volumes. You will be able sell your coins anytime you want, and fees will generally be lower. You should also sign up for these exchanges as LOWB will soon be listed. This will allow you to trade on great opportunities.


KuCoin is a cryptocurrency platform based in Seychelles, which was previously known as Hong Kong. KuCoin launched in September 2017. It claims that it has 5 million users across more than 200 countries. Often known as the People’s Exchange, KuCoin now offers crypto-related services like crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-crypto, futures trading, staking, lending and so forth. The exchange has one of the world’s most impressive trading pair selections, with more than 250 supported coins and 440 trading pairs. KuCoin was supported by Matrix Partners and IDG Capital, two traditional venture capital firms. At the end 2018 they announced that they had provided funding in the form of a round A for USD 20,000,000.US-investors cannot trade. However, if you are a US-investor you should still check whether your home country has any restrictions on your foreign cryptocurrency trading.

Sign Up on KuCoin


Binance is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform that was established in China, but moved its headquarters to Malta in the EU. Binance is well-known for its crypto-to-crypto exchange services. Binance burst onto the scene during 2017’s crypto mania and has since grown to be the most popular crypto exchange in the entire world. Binance is not allowed to accept US investors. We recommend that you sign up for other exchanges, which we also recommend.

Sign up on Binance

Last Step: Keep LOWB secure in your hardware wallets

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S

  • Simple to set-up and user-friendly interface
  • Useful for laptops and desktops
  • Portable, light and portable
  • Support all blockchains and a wide range (ERC-20/BEP-20), tokens
  • Multiple languages available
  • A well-known company built it in 2014 with great chip security
  • Affordable price
Buy Now
Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X

  • Ledger Nano S has a more powerful Secure Element Chip (ST33)
  • It can be used on a desktop, laptop, or smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth integration
  • With built-in rechargeable battery, lightweight and portable
  • Larger screen
  • Ledger nano S offers more storage space
  • Support all blockchains and a wide range (ERC-20/BEP-20), tokens
  • Multiple languages available
  • A well-established company built this device in 2014 with excellent chip security
  • Affordable price
Buy Now

You might want to consider ways to protect your LOWB if you plan to keep it (or “hodl” as some people may call it, but the spelling is incorrectly “hold”, which gets popularised over time). Although Binance is one among the most safe cryptocurrency exchanges, hackers have attempted to steal funds. Due to the nature of exchange wallets, they are always available online (“Hot Wallets”, as we refer to them), which exposes certain vulnerabilities. To keep your coins safe, you can always put them in a “Cold Wallet” type. This will allow the wallet to only access the blockchain (or “go online”) when funds are sent out. This reduces the risk of hackers. A paper wallet can be described as a free cold wallet. It’s an offline-generated pair public and private address. You will keep it safe. It is fragile and not long-lasting.

This is a great alternative to cold wallets. These USB-enabled wallets can store your key information in a more secure way. They have military-level security built in and the firmware is maintained by their manufacturers. This makes them extremely secure. The most popular wallets in this category are Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X. They cost approximately $50 to $100, depending upon the features they offer. These wallets can be a great investment if you need to keep your assets safe.

Additional useful tools for trading LOWB

Secure encryption


Because of the very nature of cryptocurrency – decentralised, it means that users are 100% responsible for handling their assets securely. Although a hardware wallet can be used to store cryptos safely, it is much more secure to use an encrypted VPN connection to trade your sensitive information. It is important to use an encrypted VPN connection when trading, especially if you’re doing so while on the go. NordVPN is a well-known VPN service that has been around almost ten years. You can opt in to block malicious websites or ads using their CyberSec feature. Based on your current location you can connect to over 5000+ servers from 60+ countries. This ensures that you always have a secure and smooth connection. The service has no data or bandwidth limits, so you can use it in your daily routines like streaming videos and downloading large files. It’s also the cheapest VPN service available at $3.49 per Month.

NordVPN: Get Started


Surfshark offers a cheaper option if you’re looking for a reliable VPN connection. Although it’s a relatively new company, it has already 3200+ servers distributed in 65 countries. Apart from VPN it also has some other cool features including CleanWeb™, which actively blocks ads, trackers, malware and phishing attempts while you are surfing on your browser. Surfshark doesn’t currently have a limit on devices so you can use it across all your devices and even share it with your friends. Use the signup link below to get an 81% discount(that’s a lot!!) At $2.49 per month!

Surfshark available today

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN was created by IT nomads after they saw a lack in top-notch service for free VPNs. Atlas VPN was created to allow everyone free access to unlimited content with no restrictions. Atlas VPN was created to be the first reliable, free VPN equipped with top-notch technology. Furthermore, even though Atlas VPN is the new kid on the block, their blog team’s reports have been covered by well-known outlets such as Forbes, Fox News, Washington Post, TechRadar and many others. Here are some highlights of this feature:

  • Strong encryption
  • Tracker blocking feature prevents dangerous websites from being tracked, blocks third-party cookies that track your browsing habits, and stops behavioural advertising.
  • Data Breach Monitor checks if your personal data are safe.
  • SafeSwap servers enable you to have multiple rotating IP addresses by connecting only to one server
  • The best prices in the VPN market: Only $1.39/month!
  • To protect your privacy, there is no log policy
  • Automated Kill Switch is used to prevent your device from accessing the internet.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Support P2P
Use Atlas VPN today!

Crypto Ultimatum

Crypto Ultimatum provides detailed training that teaches you how to make a fortune using Crypto Currencies. This system took $100 to turn into $1006. They were able to convert this $1006 into $257,000 using Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies because the system worked so well!

The great thing about the training is you don’t need technical skills. In fact, you don’t even need a great deal of money and can start with much less than $100 if you wish. You will learn all the secrets and be able to make money even if you’re a total novice. It also explains how to avoid scams. The book explains where to trade and how you can make quick money. You can develop into someone who buys and sells smaller types of “altcoins” too.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Can I purchase LOWB with cash or check?
  • Do you know of any fast ways to buy LOWBs in Europe?
  • Do you know of any other platforms that allow you to buy LOWB and Bitcoin with your credit cards?

Can I purchase LOWB with cash or check?

You cannot buy LOWB directly with cash. There are however marketplaces, such as LocalBitcoins, that allow you to first buy USDT, then move your USDT onto the AltCoin exchanges.

LocalBitcoins allows you to trade Bitcoins peer-to-peer. It’s a marketplace that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoins from one another. Traders are the people who create ads with the price and payment method they wish to offer. On the platform, you can buy from sellers in a specific area. This is an excellent place to purchase Bitcoins, if you are unable to find the payment methods that you want elsewhere. You should be aware that prices are often higher on this platform, and that you can get scammed.

Do you know of any fast ways to buy LOWBs in Europe?

It is possible to buy cryptocurrency in Europe, and it is easy. Online banks are available that allow you to open an account online and transfer funds to cryptocurrency exchanges like Uphold and Coinbase.

Do you know of any other platforms that allow you to buy LOWB and Bitcoin with your credit cards?

Yes. This platform is easy to use and allows you to buy Bitcoin with your credit cards. You can exchange cryptocurrency instantly and purchase it with your bank card. The user interface is simple and the buying process is quite self-explanatory.

Learn more about Loser Coin’s current price and its fundamentals here.

LOWB Prediction of Price and Price Movement

LOWB has risen 10.03 percent in the past three months. However, its market capitalization remains relatively small. This means that LOWB’s price can fluctuate compared to other market caps during large market movements. LOWB is showing steady growth in the past three months and could be poised to continue growing, which may lead to some good gains. Traders should be cautious.

This analysis is based on historical price actions of LOWB. It is not financial advice. When investing in crypto currencies, traders should always conduct their own research.

This article was first published by cryptobuying.tips. To find more unique and up-to date crypto buying tips, visit WWW Dot Buying Tips Dot Com

Read more at https://cryptobuying.tips

The latest news from LOWB

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