Country View Elementary School and several homes sustained major structural damage, with other homes sustaining lesser damage. Two farmhouses were swept away and multiple trees were debarked in this area. The tornado intensified as it approached town, and barns and outbuildings were leveled or swept away at EF2 intensity. A grainery was destroyed, multiple cars were thrown and mangled, and a school building had much of its top floor destroyed. The severe weather event most significantly affected the state of Nebraska, where twin EF4 tornadoes [1] killed two and critically injured twenty others in and around the town of Pilger on the evening of June 16. 2 Time from first tornado to last tornado The 1975 Omaha tornado was a violent tornado … At around 6 p.m. on Easter Sunday in 1913, a massive tornado measuring from 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile across ripped through Omaha. [6], The morning of June 16 was marked only by isolated storms in the Nebraska area with only marginal severe weather. Tornado remained over open country and caused no damage. Five cattle were killed. Minor tree damage occurred further east before the tornado lifted in Westmoreland. "Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger said up to three-quarters of Pilger, a town of about 350 people, was destroyed Monday," says CNN. Further east, a large metal electrical transmission truss tower was toppled at EF3 intensity. A large storage barn was swept away, with 6 antique cars stored inside thrown into an adjacent field and destroyed. Barns and farm structures were destroyed on 4 separate farms. The outbreak killed three people, while injuring hundreds more. [117], The fifth tornado spawned by this supercell touched down as the main Pilger tornado was dissipating. A semi-trailer truck was overturned and a car was blown off the road. A tornado damaged farm buildings, trees, power poles, and crops along its path. Several farmsteads were damaged, with a barn completely destroyed at one of them. A grain bin was thrown 300 yards, a dehydration plant was completely leveled, and a truck and a trailer were tossed as well. In fact, there has been only one tornado in Nebraska history that has killed 100 or more people. [117] Farther north of town, the tornado weakened slightly to EF2 strength as a house had its roof torn off, a semi-truck was flipped, and several outbuildings were destroyed. Officials say a 5-year-old was killed in Pilger, with another death reported outside the town. The outer edge of the circulation impacted Coleridge, where a scoreboard was destroyed, a set of bleachers was thrown 100 yards, storage buildings were damaged, trees were downed, and homes sustained minor damage. Numerous large trees were downed and cars were flipped. One of two tornadoes that struck Platteville simultaneously. In nearby Wakefield, the storm ruined the remodeling job a farming family had just finished on their house. Tree and power pole damage occurred as well. The tornado outbreak of June 16–18, 2014, was a tornado outbreak concentrated in the Great Plains and the Midwestern United States. The tornado was initially weak, damaging trees, power poles, and outbuildings. [117] Both tornadoes grew in size as the damage paths shifted closer to each other. [17][18] Later that evening, multiple large wedge tornadoes were reported near the towns of Coleridge and Laurel, Nebraska. Numerous trees were also snapped or uprooted. [117] Past Pilger, the twin tornadoes continued northeast, with the main tornado debarking several trees at EF3 strength and tearing the roofs off of two homes, while the other tornado damaged several farms at EF2 strength and snapped multiple trees. An intermittent tornado damaged some trees and a house north of Mason City. Twenty power poles were snapped along the track, one of which was pulled out of the ground. Multiple businesses were also damaged, including a gas station that was destroyed. A barn and two hog houses were destroyed. These photos show the aftermath of tornadoes that have hit Nebraska since 1913. Additionally, 20 hay bales weighing up to 1,500 lb (680 kg) were blown away and not recovered. A canoe and two kayaks were thrown as well. The tornado later lifted in the Benson Park area at 4:58.[2]. Struck the town of Providence, where two homes were unroofed, and another was badly damaged. Numerous trees in a grove were topped or had large branches broken off. A short-lived but strong tornado struck impacted two farmsteads; on one, a majority of the roof was removed from a house and several outbuildings were completely destroyed. Damage is seen along Highway 15 in Pilger, Neb., Tuesday. Damage is seen along Highway 15 in Pilger, Neb., Tuesday.

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