I am not sure what to do with the nest during the winter. A cocoon emergence chamber now comes with the nest box. How to grow courgettes / zucchini in containers. Great stuff.Thanks, George, Excellent product all the family were amazed how quickly the holes were filled up lovely to watch the bees close up we have now stored this in the shed and ordered the summer nest unit, Glad to hear of your success. KP…..via my website. Such a great idea. Gorgeous, I’ll make one today. I love my Bee hotels! Thank you for your kind comments. We absolutely need the bees in our garden, for we have raspberry, blackberry, red and black currant shrubs, and veggies in containers in the summer. I have been managing Red Mason bees for over 30 years. IF YOU ENJOYED THIS ARTICLE, JOIN MY MAILING LIST (IT’S FREE). It’s good that folks care. George has been so helpful and responsive to emails. “Firstly you need to find some materials, and  the more you use recycled or reclaimed materials the better. If you decide to make a bee home, do please take a look at this – it is full of wise and useful information. We removed the last remaining cocoons and brought them inside in a container. Cleanliness and an annual routine are vital to maintain the health of the colony. Since then I’m hooked. I was completely unaware of the dangers from parasites etc leaving it out all winter, hence the following years not so successful. Previous Post: How to re-use old compost – ten useful ingredients, Next Post: How to make your own bokashi bin. There are many wasp species in Britain and it’s only some social species – including the common wasp and the German wasp – that really cause problems, and that’s only for a couple of weeks in late summer. How can we engage people and especially the younger generation with the environment? Thank you Angela, thrilled you like them! It’s lovely and clearly well-made, with detailed instructions for maintenance. Some flowers are more nutritious for bees than others, explains Kate. Thank you for a wonderful, informative website. Now we see if we can attract any solitary bees this year! Many bee/insect/bug houses available are potential bee cemeteries. It's best to time it at the end of the season, so late September to October time. New nest boxes mid-November. Via email with permission, Jennifer G In the video below, she explains why solitary bees are in desperate need of more nesting places in the city. Many areas of the curriculum all inside one box! Pot marigold (calendula), loved by many beneficial insects, including bees. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. (verified owner) – July 29, 2020. The Nurturing Nature Observation nest box will do just that! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I think there are different kind of bees since some of the tunnels are yellow and others seem to have leaves in them. The bee home shown in the video will work fine but won’t win any art competition, I’ll be the first to admit! As seen on BBC Springwatch April 2018 and 2019  Designed for the health and safety of bees, easy to clean and manage, nesting units easily slide in and out of the nest box. I bought the solitary bee box and within days of putting it up it was full of red mason bee activity. When should they be taken down to clean and store for the next year? I bought one of the first wild bee nest boxes George offered and have had many years of enjoyment out of it from it. It’s so solid and heavy, any bee would be proud to call it home! Thanks a lot for your help I kinda got an idea from comparing it to Kate`s hand by measurements would be better. Thank you for the tutorial, less threatened by the idea of building some with my students. Cheers George, Amanda Casey They refill with nectar every two minutes. Bees in cities commonly have a shortage of both of food and nesting places, says Kate. Cleanliness and an annual routine are vital to maintain the health of the colony.”. We have moved the butterfly garden to a larger location and this will be a wonderful addition. Learn how your comment data is processed. They will live in it for many months, hardly a hotel!! I am delighted with it. Another of Marta Zientek and Wojciech’s creations using found and recycled materials. – June 3, 2019. If you’re wondering how you can make your bee hotel look more beautiful than the one I made in the video (! Your instructions are brilliant and am really hoping lead to the success of bringing new bees into our garden….. via email, Very kind of you to say so Deb. For this you can use a pallet wood, there is always plenty around. So happy you are happy and thanks for taking the time to comment. via email JD, Last year i bought a Painted solitary bee nest box with a cocoon emergence chamber from you and it’s a real succes! I go out in the evening to check and it’s fascinating watching the busy bees fly in with leaves and petals to seal the entrances. pesticide risk? With new materials installed every year for the bees to return to, otherwise your bee hotel will become infested with parasites and full of nothing but dead bees. Have always love woodworking and gardening. I’m very happy with my purchase and look forward to the learning journey ahead. Love these bee hotels. I found this wonderful design rather by coincidence on internet. So i would like to order another one from you. Nesting blocks may differ in size to those shown in the photograph. It’s amazing how much interest it got from Red Mason Bees almost straight away. Anyone know for sure? I am looking forward to sitting down to read all the information and have already earmarked a spot for the box, where some leafcutter bees have been very busy nesting in some small pots on my sunny kitchen windowsill for the last month! If you’ve only got a tiny growing space in the city, is there anything you can do to help bees? via email M van den B. Holland, I would also like to say a big thank you for your brilliant customer service and advice/help. The German nature and biodiversity conservation union says that some solitary bees take more than one year to develop. Has anyone seen bees. All you need is a wall that gets sun in the morning on which to hang them. Thank you for the wonderful video clip Kate! it’s like having 2 nest boxes! (verified owner) – April 19, 2020. I do not receive any remuneration from this recommendation. When we moved there I was eager to care for wild bees, so we planted a hedge of wild roses (rosa rugosa) in front of the house. Ideal for schools. Also they say that solitary bees do not use the pine cone behind a mesh sections and that those are just in the ones you can buy because they are cheap and easy to do. Do I store it in my garage, or can I just leave it outside? Full and detailed instructions with friendly aftercare service. Perfect for showing kids what bees really get up to! (Made myself in a rush one evening). If your nest box is built of stacked & routed wooden sheets or you use paper nest tube liners you can clean it out in winter, remove the cocoons (image left) and store them until spring. The very day after I attached it to the fence, I considered moving it to another site, but, as I went to lift it down, a couple of bees flew out – they’d already started nesting! Do I just replace the tubes with new ones? For our version, buy a plank of timber (with the FSC logo, which means it comes from a sustainable source) about 1.5 cm thick and cut into the shapes shown to make a box with three compartments. That’s very kind of you to say so, Rachael. May 2016, Thanks for this. I have a few questions. That’s very kind of you to say so John. Safe around children and gardens. How do I clean out the mason bee nest? Hi all! G Potter via email. Oh, I love this, I will make a bee-hotel myself – or two – hope it isn’t too late this year to see some bees or other insekts move in – late juli?? It spotted me, circled around and bumbled away. By the end of June every cell bar just a few were completely full, each one with 15 or so individual pollen loaded cells complete with egg. Ideal for Red Mason bees (which are highly efficient fruit pollinators) and leafcutter bees. The whole design really depends on your imagination, you can make it really simple or give it more artistic look but what matters the most is creating supportive environment for the important pollinating species. I have added this to the review section of the nest box. The single most important thing with a bee hotel is that it should be cleaned out every year all the pupae removed and cleaned as well and then presented for release the following year. To point you in the right bee identification direction I can 100% recommend Steven Falk’s Field Guide to Bees of Great Britain and Ireland. Many thanks, George, I bought one of your solitary bee nest boxes and was doubtful as to how successful I would be. Love gardening! A. Can’t wait to build some bee houses. The box is very well made and communication was excellent. Arrived quickly and in good shape (well packaged). Every year without fail it always gets a lot of interest both from the bees and friends (especially kids who are fascinated). Here are Marta’s tips to help you recreate one of her beautiful homes. I’m going to ask for one of these nest boxes for my next birthday too! 28 Ringwood Close, Gorse Covert, Warrington, WA3 6TQ, Many Solitary bees prefer to use wood to nest in, Easily cleaned and removed from nest box casing, Their design allows for additional materials to be added to minimise pests, Easily viewed for inspection and pest/debris removal, Absorbs excess moisture by wicking it away from moist pollen reducing the likelihood of mould formation which destroys cells, Long-term investment, natural resource, reuse many times over, Harvesting of cocoons simplified (kids love this aspect!

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