save. The Adeptus Mechanicus have marched out of their manufactories with the might of the Imperial Knights by their sides. It's codex...that's about as cannon as it gets. Vespid Conversions Does anyone have any Vespid conversions that stick to the Vespid theme and aren't just breachers with jet packs? Posted by 5 days ago. The last one died a very unhappy person. I'm OVER 50 (and so far over everyone's BS, too). Perhaps the problem in 40k is that everyone aligned to Chaos is crammed  into just two factions – Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons. I talked about this just recently so I’ll keep this snappy to avoid repeating myself. Unfortunately for them all the big names prefer xenophobia, planet-wide brutality and the mocking laughter of thirsting gods but one can but try. PLAY NOW! I recall fluff that they were being mind-controlled by the Tau in some method, though this might be older or out of date fluff. Yet for all their supposed camaraderie with the space-communists the Kroot are an altogether more complex beast than is allowed by their status as perpetual best friend and bit-part sidekick. Huh! Whether they believe in the greater good or not I don't know, however I do believe they have chosen to be part of it. It has been scaled to 28mm. Nonetheless the concept remains at the core of the Tau background, and yet appears on the tabletop only via some increasingly elderly-looked Vespids and Kroot. share. hide. Vespid Count-As Conversion Bit by Roll_for_Damage 31 mins ago . 40k. Also check if the product actually matches! Of all the gods Tzeentch is the chance for them to be the most creative, to come up with something visually arresting and unique. Last update was at 2010/12/02 23:10:03, This message was edited 1 time. The Church of the Emperor has always been the epitome of this, and provides a way to bring that look onto the tabletop without needing to change GW’s established formula for other major branches of the Imperium – particularly the Space Marines and Astra Militarum. None the less, with five types of Space Marines, two (easily combined) sections of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Inquisition, the Assassins, the Knights – plus the aforementioned Sisterhood and Guard – do they really need another? Vespid Stingwing unit converted from Dawn of War: Soulstorm. If not we can always hope that a few kits of similar quality to the Blightkings might do for Slaanesh what the festering fatmen did for Nurgle, in terms of conversion fodder. The Tau Empire has always been marketed as the great coalition – dozens of species brought together in the name of the Greater Good. By Wudugast. What’s more their background paints them as roving mercenaries and bandits, happy to lend a hand to whoever will feed them and not above savaging outlying colonies if they don’t get their way. Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely. Keeping it all fresh is a mammoth task and there’s always going to be someone who feels that their particular element of the faction is being under represented with releases. I just reminds me of that african tribe thats closest word for enemy ment friend we have not met yet. Make the faction more about the Ecclesiarchy, throw in more weird and wonderful machines (the Exorcist is already an organ on wheels – and not in the Slaaneshi sense…), avoid over-sexualising the female characters (never really as big an issue here as it’s been made out to be) and bring the armies of the faithful back to the forefront of 40k where they belong. It's not any sort of irrefutable proof, but certainly enough to encourage discussion. In it I quipped that much as I was looking forwards to plastic Sisters of Battle they’d better release plastic Mechanicum first, and maybe revisit the Wulfen whilst they were about it! One land raider ah ah ah, two land raiders ah ah ah three land raiders ah ah ah. In some ways I can see the value in this – by introducing all kinds of strange aliens there’s a risk of it looking like a rabble on the tabletop. I would argue that the answer is yes, we need the Rogue Traders. Oh how I must have chortled to write those words. No adverts like this in the forums anymore. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. However the fact remains that the Imperial Guard are extremely well represented when it comes to models – so long as you like Cadians or Catachans. 759. I would put chemical control over shiny hat any day. The conquistadors of the far future have been part of 40k for such a long time that the original game was named after them, yet they remain an unexplored faction. Now it would be nice to see some more emphasis on the god’s mortal followers; mad sorcerers, mutants, beastmen and of course the Thousand Sons themselves. Thingiview Download All Files You can change your Cookie settings at any time. These days the Prince of Pleasure seems to be suffering from something of an image crisis. Just seems a bit too nice, I havent seen one truely nice civelisation ever. We love to build and modify models and appreciate all the hard work people put into their hobby efforts. In the wake of the Skitarii they’ve demonstrated that they’re more than capable of realising their grim-dark weirdness in plastic and models like the Gaunt Summoner show they still have good ideas when it comes to Tzeentchian weirdness. MechaEmperor7000. page 16 also says that they are regarded as "skillful and reliable allies, an honor yet to be paid to the mercenary Kroot of Pech.". Things which we once believed to have been banished to the dusty corners forever are back. Vespid strain leaders wear the communion helm. It’s probably for the best! I have no idea what the prongs are made of but you could probably make a good approximation with shaved down sprue or plasticard. I have no idea what the prongs are made of but you could probably make a good approximation with shaved down sprue or plasticard. However as the Tau range has expanded we’ve seen more and more of their high-tech fighting prowess and less and less of their alien allies. Yes, whether they want to or not. The Penitent Engine – brilliantly encapsulating the pomp and strangeness of the 41st Millennium. I guess if your gonna get mind controlled that's the way to do it... All the source does is provide a rumour (which is unlikely to be spread by loyal Tau at any rate) and raises the issue of mind control. Given a bit of love and attention however and the followers of Slaanesh have the potential to develop into one of the most stylish and visually arresting factions around, with sonic weapons, body modification and plenty of glamour abounding – and with not a boob in sight if that’s how the designers want to play it. Personally, I choose to believe that the helmets do have some kind of controlling effect. I chose the one I thought fit the model and this was the result. of course they are good at what they do (makin money) but i would like some more fluff to eat. Whether this (hypothetical) resurgence of love for the Youngest God makes its way into 40k or not remains to be seen. After all, plastic Sisters were certainly only a few months away at most – whilst the chances of anything coming from Mars were, as we all know, a million to one. Almost as overlooked as Slaanesh is his/her brother-god Tzeentch, and like the Prince of Pleasure the Changer of Ways also has an image problem. Kroot arms with the rifgles cut down. (10.2x6.3x2 inch). 31 comments. In some ways I can understand GW reluctance to move here – and I’m sure there are plenty of senior managers there shaking their heads and wishing they’d never got into this. Things which we once believed to have been banished to the dusty corners forever are back. The Carnivores squad has stood the test of time fairly well but new Kroot Hounds, a clampack Shaper, a revisited Krootox weapon platform, some kind of elite or specialist unit and of course the obligatory big kit in the form of the return of the big chap below – and we’re all set for the people of Pech to throw off the Tau’s shackles and take their rightful place in the galaxy. Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord The barrel of the gun are drone antennae with the nubs at the end cut off and a hole drilled into it.

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