The upside of the softish setup is comfortable cruising, even on rough and ready Aussie backroads. Surprisingly economical at speed on motorways, great street presence, large boot and fully equipped. It retains the sporty features, but has cloth trim instead of leather; a basic audio system with six speakers not nineteen; standard, not adaptive, cruise control is; and standard, not adaptive suspension damping. Big, bold and menacing-looking, the Chrysler 300C is related to the previous-shape Mercedes E-Class, but doesn't hide its American heritage. Off-road for beginners and the experienced, plus camper trailers, caravans and motorhomes, We make it easy to compare design, practicality, value and more, Buying used? Chrysler 300C wagon's luggage area is reasonably large, but again, not as good as in the Ford and Holden. MPG is good for it's size and servicing not too expensive. The V8 engine was lifted to 6.4 litres in the new 2012 SRT8. At least he rear seats fold down to give much more flexible load space. Chrysler is reasonably well represented in Australia, though most dealerships are in metro areas. It returns outstanding fuel economy, regularly hitting 45 mpg on motorway journeys, has power to burn and accelerates quickly. Try for yourself on your private road test. Without a doubt the Chrysler 300c is one of, if not THE best car i've ever owned. There are quite a few on the market these days. Build knowledge, gain experience and sharpen your skills with the ultimate adventure-travel resource. Performance is never in short supply, whichever engine you choose, and the 300C is pretty refined, although it can't match the silky smoothness of a Jag. The huge boot easily copes with a family's holiday luggage, and every model is generously equipped. There's a huge boot in the tail of the sedan that's well shaped so that it can manage bulky items. Space and Practicality: I was really looking for a comfortable estate car with comfort and performance which apart from the normal luxuries included a spare wheel and a sunroof. The 300C's V8 petrol engine is an old-style pushrod, two-valve unit, but good cylinder-head design and an up to date electronic engine management system makes it work nicely. To them, a Chrysler 300C CRD, a sort of Vauxhall Senator for the noughties, makes total sense. The V8 can cut-out four cylinders during easy running. A lower cost SRT called the SRT Core was introduced midway through 2013. The reliability of the Mercedes diesel engine fitted to the car has made it a pleasure to own & drive. Big numbers on the clock may be a clue a used 300C has lived the limo life, on the other hand they are usually driven sensibly and serviced strictly by the book. What Car? It is uber-stylish and turns heads and has the exemplary underpinning of an 'e' series Mercedes engine and running gear. Our automotive experts are here to help, If you're wondering, we've probably got the answer. Owning a Chrysler 300crd is a treat - go on, buy one, but make sure it has the Mercedes engine etc ! It looks good and handles well. 4546950  |  VAT No. Watch out for a Chrysler 300C that has been customised to the max as it may have been driven hard, though many are used only as good looking cruisers. It certainly has plenty of presence on the road and tempts buyers by offering lots of kit for their cash. Not only do you get more grunt, but also a sports chassis to further increase driving pleasure. Spare parts for Chrysler 300C cost more than those for Commodores and Falcons, though not outrageously so. – but if a V6 petrol or diesel doesn't idle smoothly there may be hassles. I purchased my car with 6000 miles on the clock. With the Mercedes 3litre diesel engine and built in a Mercedes factory, the Chrysler 300C is a very good car at a very competitive price. The V8 can cut-out four cylinders during easy running. The original Chrysler 300C can be awkward to drive until you become accustomed to it. A Mercedes engine and automatic gearbox which makes it a smooth, powerful, and a quiet ride for a diesel. If the 5.7 litres of the first 300C V8s isn't enough then go for a 6.1-litre SRT (Sports & Racing Technology) version. However the dash board is huge and rather ugly to look at and definately spoils the look inside. The rear-seat backrest can be folded down to permit long loads to be carried. Not so the Chrysler 300C, this big American machine is aimed at grabbing attention from any angle and it comes as no surprise it's been labelled 'gangsta car'.

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