Within minutes, death and destruction covered the small, sleeping community in northwest Cowley County. To our right a auto was completely wrapped around a tree like a serpent. EF-4 damage occurred soon after the tornado moved northeast and crossed State Highway 37. At Winfield, Coroner JOE MORRIS said the following dead have been identified: It also was Blackwell's second storm of the day. Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Atmospheric Electricity, Portsmouth, NH, Pergamon Press, Pg 543-556. Click on map for larger version. A survey of the damage in this area indicated that the tornado reached F5 intensity after crossing State Highway 9 and entering the rural Murray Spur area east of Spiro. "There was an explosion, it seemed like, and all the windows shattered." In addition, the Woodward tornado may have begun closer to Pampa, TX, but there is no corroborating evidence to confirm a damage path in the area. Ruby had reason to be nervous, for unbeknownst to her, a tornado had just touched down in Blackwell, Okla., an F5 wedge tornado that would take the lives of 20 people and injuring over 200 more. This tornado was produced by the same parent supercell thunderstorm that had generated the violent tornado that struck Blackwell, OK earlier that evening. MRS. HAZEL STANDRIDGE, 33. [1][2][3]  Very bright electrical discharges were seen within the funnel and ground-originating corona current (also known as St. Elmo’s Fire) was seen just ahead of the tornado. Social Media Trees were debarked with only stumps remaining. Database and records searchable by surname. FamilyOldPhotos   Old-Yearbooks  TexasHistoryArchives, Various Towns, OK, KS Tornado And Storms, June 1936, Various Towns, OK, AR, KS Tornado Outbreak, June 1974, Various Towns, KS, MO, OK Tornado, Apr 1929, Various Towns, KS, OK, AR Tornado Damage June 1917. Wichita, Kan. (AP) -- Names of 22 dead -- victims of the tornado that struck Udall, Kan., Wednesday night -- were released by officials at Winfield and Wichita this afternoon. rectly over Udall at 10:30. Debris and mud covering the streets hampered rescue crews. The scientific debate was completely put to rest by analyses of newly developed Doppler radar and electrical measurements from the Union City, OK tornado of 24 May 1973. Severe Weather Safety Shortly after 10:30 p.m. May 25, 1955, the tornado struck the south end of Udall without warning. I wasn't undressed, just lying there. MRS. NINA ATKINSON, 35. Weatherwise Magazine, June, Pg 97, 101. The physical state of this tornado varied as it morphed between multiple vortex and solid funnel phases during its lifetime. This violent, long-lived tornado was the most infamous of nearly 60 tornadoes that struck central Oklahoma during an unprecedented outbreak on the afternoon and evening of Monday, May 3, 1999. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings Today, we know that charge separation leading to lightning flashes occurs as a result of collisions between different types of precipitation particles. Two children were killed at this location. Tornado Database Pay attention to forecasts, watches, and warnings. MARY JANE STONE, 60. Out of town policemen in Blackwell for a convention of northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas peace officers, joined local authorities in the rescue work, as did Civil Defense units and first aid teams rushed from as far as Wichita, Kan. Like Bomb Damage. HARVEY RAY KENNEDY, 4. Probabilistic Snow Total damage was estimated at $1 billion. FLORENCE BINFORD. The injury list totaled more than 700. Especially hard hit was the Falcon Lake neighborhood, near the Kingfisher County border. As the tornado continued to move east and east-northeast, it moved through much more densely populated suburban neighborhoods of southwest Oklahoma City and Moore where violent destruction was widespread. Wildfire Safety Greg Proctor, 69, said he was helping his friends Joyce and Bill Shook at … MRS. DICK STONE. Compilation, design, artwork and concept covered by copyright. Storm Report Picture Page 1 Picture Page 2 First Warning Issued Second Warning Issued Radar Overlay Map of Tornado track Event Summary Warning Acknowledgements Newspaper Article List of the fatalities: Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook Follow us on YouTube ICT RSS Feed Hazards Briefing pages Local weather story Submit a storm … Air Quality Another 280 people were injured. Approximately 20 cattle and 20 horses were killed by the storm. It formed around 5:26 PM CST about 2 miles south-southwest of Amber, and grew rapidly to monstrous proportions as it headed NE, paralleling I-44. Udall, Kansas 30 minutes later after producing the Blackwell tornado, the same supercell … Please Contact Us. The tornado was massive, up to 1.8 miles wide, and traveled at forward speeds of about 50 miles per hour. Journal of Geophysical Research, 78, Pg 8761-8777. This storm is still the deadliest tornado in Kansas history. "It sounded like a freight train coming through the house," said JOHNNY WALKER, 37, of Udall. The number of casualties among the elderly residents was not immediately determined. If a tornado warning is issued, take shelter immediately. About Our Office A 70-mile-an-hour wind unroofed warehouses, shattered storm windows, tore down wires and uprooted trees in the same area before noon. It caused some light damage as it moved almost due north into Kay County. From its inception, this tornado moved east-northeast crossing the North Fork of the Red River near the mouth of Otter Creek. Forecast Discussion, Warnings and Other Products Both electrical measurement systems recorded rather extreme rates of lightning discharges associated with the Blackwell/Udall storm. [12] Krehbiel, P.R., R.J. Thomas, W. Rison, T. Hamlin, J. Harlin, and M. Davis, 2000: GPS-based mapping system reveals lightning inside clouds. US Dept of Commerce JAMES WILLIS, 27, saw the approaching twister. ORAN PAUL BUTCHER, 6. Please try another search. Also, since sferics are observed in radio and TV reception bands, some emphasis was placed on use of radio/TV interference as tornado precursors. Aviation Weather Both Udall and Blackwell lost their electric power. Therein lay the scientific debate. If you don’t have time to escape, pull over, get out of the car, and run for a sturdy building (preferably) or lie flat in a low spot away from the road. Most residents of this small community had retired when the twister struck at 10:36 p.m. BILLIE KING, aged 5. Multiple locations were found. Other similarities in the development of these tornadoes to the Massachusetts tornadoes of June 9, 1953, are pointed out. RICKY WYCOFF, a boy. Summer Weather Safety Winter Weather Warnings One Victim Unidentified. The first documented successful tornado forecast by meteorologists was on March 25, 1948, by Air Force Captain (later Colonel) Robert Miller and Major Ernest Fawbush. A total of 7 persons were killed and another 19 were injured by the tornado, with 15 of the injuries occurring in Capron. Enhanced Hazardous Weather Outlook, Current Conditions Although the tornado was more narrow after crossing I-35, it continued to produce EF-4 damage in neighborhoods east of the interstate as it curved east and then again east-northeast. Remember the lives lost in the Udall tornado May 25, 1955 It began moving to the northeast, crossing OK State Highway 59 about 2 miles south of the intersection of Highway 59 and OK State Highway 9.

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