But two, I didn’t want to create this thing where it was confusing to the scouts. Then it was back to Dilfer’s office until it was time to return home to the apartment at night. Podcast: Discussing Jalen Hurts’ stock, draft prospects who might make an impact and some who have red flags that could make them busts. A couple teams mentioned to me that Jon Gruden is looking for, specifically, a ‘Z’ receiver and Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy is the prototype for that (even if CeeDee Lamb’s a little more of the gritty type that Gruden likes). “Tua looks terrific,” Dilfer says. Speaking of second careers, Luke Kuechly’s absolutely got one in football, if he wants it. The Washington Post story was further ammunition against a podcast earlier this week alleging that two NFL teams had wiped Tagovailoa off their draft boards because of failed physicals. ... That's, . Unless, of course, you are Aaron Rodgers. After transferring to Washington and starting for the Huskies in 2019, Eason declared for the draft. He laughed and said, “I didn’t say that.” And then, I asked if he was intrigued by the idea. I’m not sure that it ever will. I’d urge anyone who wants to know more about the disease, or think it’s limited to the sick and elderly, to click through and read about Boselli’s experience. So I think that's going to be the story of Jake Fromm.". As Dilfer sees it, there was enough there already, on that tape, to know which of Tagovailoa’s elite traits would translate. One reason is the son he lost. I think I agree with him that it would. Dilfer came out of college after his junior year at Fresno State. Trent Farris Dilfer (born March 13, 1972) is a former football quarterback in the National Football League. Three, he’s in the stadium, which makes him more accountable, via the on-field guys, to each coaching staff than someone in New York is. The Atlanta Falcons have begun talks with the No. 1 overall pick by the quarterback-needy Cincinnati Bengals, and rightfully so after he led LSU's College Football Playoff national championship run with the 2019 Heisman Trophy in his clutch. But to Dilfer, it was going to take a lot of work to hit those dates, especially because Tagovailoa was continuing to take classes at Alabama and needed time to study. Dilfer plans to send raw footage to every NFL team, so the Dolphins, who select fifth overall, will have access. Burrow was the outlier, both in his recruitment, and his path to, in all likelihood, going in front of the other two. • We’ve said that Simmons would be great in a Patriots-type of defense, and that makes the run of teams at No. Dilfer believes that Burrow and Tagovailoa are in a class of their own, but they have slight distinctions. It’s also interesting, given that Augusta is in the South and CBS has the SEC on TV, that they put it on the SEC’s annual November “bye week” when conference powers schedule non-conference pushovers for glorified walkthroughs. That’s the level the Patriots and Saints balked at paying him. That would get him ready for the pro day, of course. Carpenter details how Dilfer, after first declining to work with Tagovailoa, finally agreed, but with a set of conditions. But that draft day was quite the ride. Tagovailoa’s throws rolled perfectly off his fingertips, rocketing with precision. It’s a feel as well as a clarity of vision when he sees stuff. © 2020 NFL Enterprises LLC. You notice that quickly. But the progress did give Dilfer room to be creative as the workout got closer, and even more creative when circumstances changed. “I told him early on, I can get you ready for a throwing thing in seven days. Again, the tire-kicking on Tagovailoa made sense for more than one reason. Number one, develop and implement a culture in your organization. But it sure would be fun for the rest of us to see it. “Mentally, it’s been a grind,” he said that day. Fun column this week, and I’m excited for you guys to dive into it. And in each case, he went for considerable draft capital, reaping first-round picks for the Saints and Patriots, and a second-rounder for the Rams. The Niners, thanks to trades for Dee Ford and Emmanuel Sanders, don’t have a second-, a third- or a fourth-rounder. Take a look at the key inactives for Sunday's games. …, “It took a lot of thought to create a glorified workout to show them the things they needed to see.”. As for the Niners, Kyle Shanahan values speed, and has gotten a lot out of players like Taylor Gabriel and Marquise Goodwin in the past, and Bama’s Henry Ruggs would qualify as a supercharged version of that. New Lipscomb Academy football coach Trent Dilfer will be part of a new NFL team designed to help grow youth and high school football across the country. He just makes things easy.". He's a 60s muscle car with a big old engine. "It doesn't matter who you are, what demographic you are — he knows how to connect with you. Much better than Atlanta’s. Two days later, Tagovailoa took his first real throws. And an example that players need to capitalize on their names while they’re still playing. He throws better than Aaron Rodgers and Dan Marino. Over time, I saw a ton of talent, and ambition, and eventually that start to manifest in her coverage of the draft, and a slew of deep investigative stories she pulled off. And it’s gotta be a culture: This is the way it is, non-negotiable. 6 overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1994. And you talk to your players who are in those organizations and you know exactly why they win. I talked to Urban Meyer on Sunday morning with the intention of discussing the chance—and it’s not all that remote of a chance—that three guys he coached in college could wind up going 1-2-3 in this year’s NFL draft. Brees did a deal that’ll eventually position him in one of the premier seats in all of sports broadcasting as the color guy on Sunday Night Football, presuming Big Peacock hangs on to the NFL’s premier regular-season time slot. I thought I was going No. But to use the term ‘bad player’? That, in fact, is what they should be saying, because that’s the message everyone else that works for and around them needs to hear. He's not an elite thrower. So we don’t need months and months and months. The Raiders don’t have a second-rounder. But because Tagovailoa was coming off reconstructive hip surgery, this one would have to be different than any pre-draft process that Dilfer had ever been a part of. Now, obviously, I’m snapping the ball to Tua, so we couldn’t be six feet apart. Pennington played high school football for David Meske at Webb before playing at Marshall. Cooks is joining his fourth team since entering the NFL in 2014. The amount of meetings he’s had with the team that’ll likely draft him can’t hurt in that regard either. High school football players from Gallatin, Hunters Lane, Oakland, Stratford and Whites Creek attended a high school day where several members of the committee led different sessions. John Clayton's three-round NFL mock draft: Projections for 106 picks. And commissioner Roger Goodell will, indeed, be announcing the picks from a camera set up in the basement of his home in Westchester County, just north of New York City. Where a lot of young people would want you to help get them information for a story, she’d be more interested in how you got it (a quality she shared with another former colleague of ours, Emily Kaplan). O.K., so I researched all the way back to 1960, and couldn’t find any example of three ex-teammates going 1-2-3 in the NFL draft. The other day, Dilfer says he noticed that Tagovailoa was actually throwing harder at the end of his sessions, which is rare. And when Dilfer addressed the team of agents, trainers, nutritionists and chefs that had been assembled for Tagovailoa’s pre-draft run-up back in January, this certainly wasn’t what he meant. “The rosters were full of fringe, practice squad type guys that, because of the numbers crunch, teams might’ve just cut,” one AFC exec said. A patch of turf in an indoor facility half the length and half the width of a normal football field, under a roof that, by Dilfer’s estimation, couldn’t have been more than 30 feet high. But if the season is disrupted, or preparation for the season is truncated, you’d think the Trevor Lawrences of the world would probably be doing some risk/reward analysis. Scroll through the following slides for Dilfer's insight into Tagovailoa's draft journey in addition to evaluations on LSU's Joe Burrow, Georgia's Jake Fromm, Oklahoma's Jalen Hurts and Washington's Jacob Eason. Maybe I will. Remember, these teams are trying to move technological resources that are supported by palatial facilities with wired, business-grade internet. And that's what the NFL is about — you go in and they don't know who you are at first. "I think Jalen's going to be a successful pro," Dilfer said. “Tua’s 100 percent. So Dilfer blew up the script. To replicate passing work, Dilfer had Tagovailoa throw while sitting in a chair. With the Patriots, his contractual demands would’ve upset the team’s salary structure, given that he was asking for (and eventually got) more than Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman were making. In a first-person account on the school’s athletic web site, he detailed what it was like. One, the official won’t have the ability to stop the game, meaning the play clock will govern his interventions into game action (which, in practice, should mean he’s only jumping in on obvious misses by the on-field crew). “It’s not whether they run the zone or the stretch play, or the three-level passing vs. the crossing routes. Trent Dilfer explains how he crafted a pre-draft program to accommodate Tua Tagovailao's injury rehab and prepare him for the rigors of an NFL career after he gets drafted. Titans tight end Delanie Walker also participated, telling his story on how football changed his life. "He became a better passer when he went to Washington," Dilfer said. And while I don’t want to single out any one person over the next, there’s one name in particular of a person no longer working with us that readers of this column will recognize—and this one hit particularly hard for us in the MMQB family. • Nuggets from a great Easter morning conversation with ex-Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, who may soon pull a very rare feat, in having coached the top three picks in a single class.

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