Get directions, reviews and information for TORC Oil & Gas Ltd in Estevan, SK. Husky Energy Inc. was second nationally, with 12. TORC Oil & Gas Ltd_Trinidad 428_SK_Estevan_MIDALE BEDS_02-34-006-10W2; Whitecap Resources Inc._Savanna 416_SK_Swift Current_RUSH LAKE FORMATION_06-11-017-18W3; Operator by Rig Count This section is a summary of Operators by active rig count based on the last 30 day spud report. PD Rig 184 was south of Gull Lake, at Bench. A little to the north-northeast, Villanova Energy Inc. had Stampede Rig 1 at Browning. All our operating regions generate free cash flow with a project slate that delivers high margins, low decline rates and strong capital efficiencies. Valleyview Petroleums was back in the field over the Christmas holidays, working just west of the Weyburn Unit after a several-year hiatus from drilling. Five rigs were working in a band from Lampman to Browning. Savanna Rig 416 was just southwest of Swift Current. Precision Drilling (PD) Rig 195 was at Melrose, northeast of Stoughton, and PD Rig 146 at Bender, 27 kilometres north of Kisbey. Fax 306-634-7567; Related businesses. That’s down from around 800 six years ago. Sask. Five rigs were working in a band from Lampman to Browning. A little further up along the Alberta border, Cona Resources had Savanna Rig 435 at Cactus Lake. This may be an indicator that the sale had indeed taken place. Affiliate Code of Conduct Compliance Plan, Design & Marketing by Jason Krell Communications. Teine Energy Ltd. had Ensign Rig 350 at Fusilier, Ensign Rig 356 and Rig 351 at Dodsland, and Rig 358 southwest of Kerrobert. Building resource partnerships and solutions for the future. The rest were in two areas, around Saint Walburg and Edam. North of Highway 16 is where Husky does all its drilling these days, and it fired up eight rigs in that area. The northern group had PD Rig 340 at Brightsand Lake, Akita Drilling Rig 6 at Celtic, and PD 183 also at Celtic. Copyright © 2020 Oil and Gas Leads. Health warns of possible COVID-19 exposure at three ... Have the Estevan Mercury delivered to your Inbox every week! You can, Sask. ALBERT_LEDUC-WOODBEND_14-16-051-26W4, Peyto Exploration and Development Corp._Savanna 616_AB_DRAYTON VALLEY_STOLBERG_13-31-043-14W5, Rising Star Resources Ltd._Precision 152_AB_Grande Prairie__, Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd_Tempco 7_AB_ST. In west-central Saskatchewan, Crescent Point employed Savanna Rig 420 at Plato and Rig 436 at Dodsland. Saskatchewan’s drilling rig fleet went back to work with a bang on Jan. 6, with Rig Locator ( reporting 57 rigs making hole by that afternoon. Tempco Drilling Company Rig 9 was at Alida, and a cluster of four rigs worked between North Portal, Alameda and Glen Ewen. Integral to our work is protecting the best interests of the many citizens we engage with and serve on a daily basis. Vermillion Energy had nine rigs going in Canada, tying for fifth place. Our free cash flow-oriented model seeks to create value for our shareholders while minimizing risk. TORC Oil & Gas Ltd 1129 4th St Estevan SK S4A 0W7. Rifle Shot Oil Corp. was drilling near Macklin with Tempco Rig 3. They had Ensign Rig 537 turning to the right. Nearby, Stampede 3 was drilling for Torc. Gas Stations Additional contact. We do this in partnership with key members of the supply chain who, like us, work to ensure that energy resources efficiently get from source to final destination safely and economically, where they will be used to drive industry, innovation and the economy forward. A little to the north-northeast, Villanova Energy Inc. had Stampede Rig 1 at Browning. They are close to Deep Earth Energy Production’s geothermal site, which is drilling with Panther Drilling Rig 2. Canadian Natural Resources Limited was working a little east of there, at Senlac, with PD Rig 300. Over the last year it has generally not done that in areas of southeast Saskatchewan that are, or had been, for sale. 201 4th St, Estevan, SK S4A 0T5 Genesis Gas Bar. These rigs, in particular, show that the company is continuing to drill in areas it has said are for sale. Savanna Rig 439 was at Avon Hill, east of Kindersley, and Rig 441 was at Dodsland. Baytex Energy Ltd. had four rigs working on the western side of the province. Astra Oil Corp. had Stampede Drilling Rig 2 at Lampman. Health warns of possible COVID-19 exposure at three Estevan businesses. 1 like. Reviews (306) 634-7566 Website. Savanna Rig 414 was south of Alameda, and PD Rig 205 was close to Glen Ewen. They include Stampede Drilling Rig 8 all by itself a stone’s throw from Oungre. We are an important part of the overall energy industry and our team understands that maintaining an open, informative and productive dialogue with landowners, community stewards, employees and customers is critical to ensuring that we keep pace with Canada’s ongoing energy needs. 1857), Find out more about our commitment to the environment, health and safety, Read about our people and their spirited work in the community. Get a New Website. This was a jump of 19 rigs compared to its last report Jan. 3. Western Canada Wells Drilled, Wells, Facility and Pipeline Permits Oct 19th 2020, CERTUS OIL AND GAS INC._AB_RED DEER_MEDICINE_14-12-038-05W5_NONE, Prairie Storm Energy Corp._AB_RED DEER_WILLESDEN_04-36-042-07W5_CRUDE OIL, Resourceful Petroleum Canada Limited_AB_DRAYTON VALLEY_PEMBINA_02-07-045-03W5_GAS, Rife Resources Ltd_AB_BONNYVILLE_LINDBERGH_08-27-054-06W4_CRUDE OIL, WOLF LAKE ENERGY LTD._AB_WAINWRIGHT_LLOYDMINS_16-26-049-02W4_CRUDE OIL, XENOTIME ENERGY INC._AB_WAINWRIGHT_VERMILION_01-28-050-05W4_CRUDE OIL, HIGHROCK ENERGY LTD._SK_Estevan_FROBISHER BEDS_04-06-007-05W2_CRUDE OIL, Mosaic Potash Esterhazy Limited Partnership_SK_Estevan_DAWSON BAY FORMATION_12-09-019-32W1_Grout Well, Primavera Resources Corp._BC_BC_DLS: B 12-19-084-20_GAS, Rising Star Resources Ltd._AB_Grande Prairie__CRUDE OIL, SPECTRUM RESOURCE GROUP INC._SK_Estevan_14-16-006-06W2_CRUDE OIL, Altura Energy Inc._Precision 239_AB_Midnapore_ENTICE_08-14-023-25W4, Bonterra Energy Corp._Ironhand 1_AB_DRAYTON VALLEY_PEMBINA_08-22-046-07W5, Crescent Point Energy Corp._Horizon 46_AB_ST. So far, no rigs have shown up there, but these two rigs are working just east of that area. PD Rig 155 was drilling at Soda Lake, south of Maidstone. CALGARY , May 28, 2020 /CNW/ - TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. ("TORC" or the "Company") (TSX: TOG) has executed an agreement with its syndicate of lenders to extend … The information includes Operator, drilling contractor, rig number and location. At Kingston Midstream, we feel a deep-rooted responsibility for the health and safety of the... Read more, News Release – Calgary, Alberta – June 17, 2019  Tundra Energy Marketing Limited (TEML), announced... Read more, THE RIGHT TIME FOR AN EVOLUTION In 2011, Tundra Energy Marketing Limited (TEML) was formed... Read more. In recent years the company had focused heavily in January and February on the township 1-12-W2, southwest of Torquay, bordered by the U.S. to the south and with Highway 350 along its eastern side. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . The net result was a 54 per cent utilization rate, with 57 of 105 rigs working. TORC Oil & Gas, Estevan, Saskatchewan. Be a part of a people-focused, growth-oriented, midstream oil and gas company.

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