The reason cited for dismantling the statue was that Columbus was a "genocide perpetrator" who wanted to exterminate indigenous populations. American Indians proudly serve a country that has given them so little Yet there is another form of historical denial particular to recently invented nations whose myth-making efforts are inextricably bound together with the process of the nation's birth ... In the same fleet were several hundred colonists returning to Spain and six hundred enslaved Indians. Indians to the best aspirations of people everywhere, the commitment to The amputation of limbs if slaves were not producing ‘enough’. "Why don't they take down statues of Jefferson or Washington for their links with slavery?”. In "Columbus Day: A Clash of Myth and History," journalist and media critic Norman Solomon discusses how historians who deal with recorded evidence are frequently depicted as "politically correct" revisionists while the general populace is manipulated into holding onto myths that brazenly applaud inconceivable acts of violence of men against fellow humans. They grabbed suckling infants by the feet and, ripping them from their mothers' breasts, dashed them headlong against the rocks. "The event that led European Nations to destroy many of the civilizations of two continents, and drastically diminish the remainder, resulted from what was an almost impossible accident of fate. And with the awakening came a royal explosion. For three years he was bishop of Chiapas in southern Mexico; he then returned to Spain for the last time in 1547, becoming a permanent resident of the monastery of San Gregorio in Valladolid. His writing has been featured in But the other authorities speak as if the NiZa only was an open vessel, and the two larger were decked. The notion of fabulous wealth for the picking was like a magnet for other European Nations. “How do we explain that? "Let us not forget the dark side of Columbus,” he says. Las Casas soberly reports that his own father was one of those compelled to surrender slaves. On the outward passage of the second voyage Columbus’ fleet of seventeen sail discovered and named a number of the islands of the Lesser Antilles in the southwestern Caribbean. From the hospitality of the Taino Indians toward But to historians today this information is very important. How to Experiment with a Clock-Free Life, How Equality Makes Us Happy – While Inequality Endangers Our Lives, Vitamin D Supplementation: This Is Why It Can Be Wrong, How to Avoid Turning Freedom Into Enslavement. Of far more significance in their tragic portent were the provisions of the agreement that gave to the former weaver’s apprentice the absolute power of life and death over tens of thousands of innocent human beings. How might this become accepted as "Policy" and remain unquestioned by almost an entire population? When Columbus arrived, the Tiano population was estimated to be about a quarter of a million people.

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