@media(min-width: 500px) { .POJ_Responsive_Ad { width: 468px; height: 60px; } } This question has been referred to USPS Hdqtrs and a reply will be provided asap. Q – Is it correct that current postmasters in the offices that will be effected under the new Post plan, will not have their pay, benefits or work hours cut for 2 years? A –Encumbered upgraded Postmasters will be notified that their office will be upgraded in the next several weeks. If you are not successful in securing a vacant EAS position prior to June 2014 you will receive a Specific RIF Notice with the part-time postmaster position as your RIF assignment effective October 1, 2014. Is this right? Will all retirement and VER eligible’s receive a retirement packet and when? This individual received conditional salary protection at level 18. There appear to be about 35 changes: Twenty post offices originally slated to become level 4 will become level 6, and eight slated to become level 2 will also become level 6. The level of pay you receive based on years there. I believe I will be eligible for the VERA, but wanted to know if there was a cutoff date for them offering the VERA. NAPUS currently has an SOV/CSV team working with USPS Headquarters and those contact email addresses will be posted on the website for those who want to submit questions concerning those programs. Answered September 5, 2016 - Letter Carrier (Former Employee) - Stockton, CA. The Postal Service’s witness for POStPlan, Jeffrey Day, said in his testimony that approximately 4,561 post offices will be upgraded to Level 18, and of these approximately 3,907 will serve as APOs. f.  Phase 6 –  Any remaining incumbent Postmasters in offices with earned workload of 5.74 hours or less will be impacted and the office will be subjected to the POStPlan as described in this instrument. What caused the Postal Service to make this change in their approach? If so, will it be my yearly salary or my hourly salary? First Round posting will be for all career PMs, with Limited Area of Consideration (District Wide.). PTPOs are currently EAS Level 16 and below offices that are 25 or more driving distance miles away from other postal retail units. While the Elementary School plays out as just a cutscene in-game, earlier versions of. e. Phase 5 – All vacant Post Offices with earned workload of 5.74 or less hours will be subjected to the POStPlan as described in this instrument during the period beginning June 2012 and continuing thereafter. A – As state earlier, the two Postmaster organizations bought in to the process to save Postmaster positions. What is an Administrative Post Office? There was no set conversion from PS to GS. PTPOs will be staffed by Evaluated Postmasters (EPMs) and report to District Offices.

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