Looking at his numbers — 2,605 hits, 1,571 runs, .294 batting average, .385 on-base percentage and 808 steals (fifth all time) — those are worthy of the Hall of Fame. Steroid users do not belong in the hall of fame period . Pete Rose, 386 votes out of 467. During his 16 year career Wagner finished games for the Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets, Boston Red Sox, and the Atlanta Braves. MLB: 25 Players Who Should Not Be in the Baseball Hall of Fame 0 of 25 Some years ago, I went on a trip with my dad and brother to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. He was also selected to 11 All-Star teams and has the third most career strikeouts (4,672). But there’s no doubt that the best player not currently in the Hall of Fame is the all-time hits leader, Pete Rose. The reason there was always a new team willing to pay north of $10 million a season is obvious: he was one of the best offensive players in baseball during his 22-year career. His career slash line is .288/.371/.515 to go along with 3,020 hits, 585 doubles, 569 homers, 1,835 rbi, and 1,353 walks. Along with Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace, that team’s NBA Finals MVP, Chauncey Billups, should also be inducted for a great career. • Tim Raines: The second-greatest leadoff hitter of all time had the misfortune of playing in the same era as the greatest leadoff hitter, Rickey Henderson. • Buck Williams: He averaged a double-double in his career and was selected to the NBA all-defensive team four times. He ranks in the top 25 for total minutes played in NBA history and played the most of any eligible player who’s not in the Hall of Fame. Anyone who sets a major record that will likely never be touched should be inducted into their sport’s hall of fame, and that’s why A.C. Green needs to be in Springfield. Many argue that he should be allowed in because he did not abuse steroids and the betting that excludes him from the Hall had no impact on the way he played the game. To be eligible for induction, a player has to have been retired from basketball for at least three full seasons. Price was absolutely deadly at the free-throw line, finishing his career as one of just three players in history to make more than 90% of his free throws, the others being Steve Nash and Stephen Curry. king is the hammer . Houston Mitchell is an assistant sports editor, writer of the Dodgers Dugout newsletter and editor of all of the sports newsletters for the Los Angeles Times. But he has one thing going for him that no other borderline candidate has — he managed the 1969 Miracle Mets. Now the city is the first urban center in California where the risk of infection is rated as minimal. Did he end up blowing his career after the 1999 lockout? As for players currently in the NHL who are destined for immortality, here are the top 10 current players destined for the Hall of Fame, in order of stone-cold locks: 10. 281 people who voted for him … He had six consecutive seasons with at least 22 homers and 101 rbi. He ranks 13th for assists per game, 17th for total assists and 31st for three-pointers. Learn how your comment data is processed. He also posted a 2.31 earned run average and 11.9 strikeouts per nine innings during his 16-year career. But he really turned it on during the playoffs, where he averaged 20.1 points and 7.7 rebounds per game in 98 career postseason contests. I considered all players who are eligible for the Hall of Fame which means players on Major League Baseball’s banned list such as Pete Rose and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson were not considered. His career slash line was .280/.383/.546 along with 473 homers and 1,512 rbi. Wagner could and did strikeout anyone and everyone. I received five first-place prizes from the Garden State Journalists Association at its annual dinner on May 23, 2018. In his quest for Hall of Fame induction, it helps that Mogilny was also one of the best players of his day, although he did play in a high-scoring era. 6. A rare slugger who made good contact, he walked more often than he fanned, hitting 509 home runs en route to a career average of .292. Probably. His career average of 3.5 blocks per game is the best ever, and he’s the only eligible player with at least 3,000 career blocks not to be in the Hall. He also made seven All-Star teams. Scott Rolen – Like Andruw Jones, he was a defensive standout who could also hit. Longevity in professional sports is often an undervalued trait, but Kevin Willis’ run in the NBA was nothing short of remarkable. While long NBA careers often lead to impressive stat totals, some guys are able to put together Hall-of-Fame-caliber careers in a short tenure. Copyright © The Delite, All Rights Reserved. It is all here. And did I mention he was a key member of five Super Bowl title teams? He also had 2,599 hits, including 272 homers. He spent 23 years of his life playing basketball at the world’s highest level and came close to averaging a double double for that entire span. Along with his 20.68 points per game, Webber also averaged 9.8 rebounds and 4.2 assists every time he hit the court. Edgar better get in before Papi or he’s going in the back door. 2. We’re not here to talk about those players, but instead to highlight eight players who are more tenuously attached to the Hall of Fame. He was also an eight-time Silver Slugger and a nine-time All-Star. He had 100 sacks. Hernández: No longer an October failure, Clayton Kershaw is a win away from becoming a champion. He made eight All-Star teams, won three Gold Glove Awards as well as finishing in the top eight in MVP voting twice. Andruw Jones – Of the five outfielders with ten straight Gold Gloves, three are in Cooperstown and a fourth (Ichiro) will join the second he becomes eligible. A rifle-armed rightfielder who spent most of his 19 years with the Red Sox, Dewey won eight Gold Gloves and hit 385 home runs. Palmeiro was one of the most incredibly consistent players during his career. His career figures tell you all you need to know about his credentials, though, as he averaged 17.7 points and 8.2 assists per game for the 13 seasons he played across several franchises, most notably the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors. Since character counts in Cooperstown consideration, Murphy’s reputation as the National League’s Cal Ripken doesn’t hurt: a deeply religious family man, he never smoke, drank, or swore – at least not in public. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images), throws out the ceremonial first pitch prior to game three of the American League Championship Series between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium on October 15, 2019 in New York City. His player efficiency rating is better than guys like Pete Maravich, Grant Hill and Chris Mullin, all of whom have been inducted in Springfield. A five-time Gold Glove centerfielder and seven-time All-Star, he finished with 398 home runs, just one less than first-ballot choice Al Kaline but more than current Hall of Famers Jim Rice, Orlando Cepeda, and Tony Perez. In addition to averaging more than 15 points per game for his career, and more than 17 in the playoffs, Billups has the fifth-highest free throw shooting percentage in history. During his relatively short career, Alvin Robertson accomplished some incredible things including defensive numbers that others guys have never earned with many more NBA seasons. • Dave Taylor: One of the few players to spend his career with one team, Taylor was part of the Triple Crown Line with Marcel Dionne and Charlie Simmer. For the better part of a decade, Palmeiro was one of the best hitters in the game. He did win seven Gold Gloves and was selected to five All-Star teams. Andruw also had 434 home runs, including a Braves club-record 51 in a single season. ATLANTA - MAY 22: Kyle Davies #26 of the Atlanta Braves is congratulated by Andruw Jones #25 after ... [+] hitting a three-run-home-run against the New York Mets at Turner Field on May 22, 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia. Winners on both Cooperstown elections will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Sunday, July 26, 2020. Hodges put together a nine year run (1949-1957) together that is as good as any player in Dodger history. 4. He was a five-time All-NBA and All-Star selection and a former NBA rookie of the year. We’ve picked some of the players who had stellar NBA careers but have never been honored with induction into the Hall of Fame, despite having more impressive figures than some of the guys who are in. Delgado finished in the top nine in MVP voting four times including runner-up in 2003, however Gonzalez finished in the top nine in MVP voting five times including two first-places finishes. 5. Jazz legend Mark Eaton is one of those guys and was arguably the best shot-blocker in basketball history. The players on this list mostly are guys that don’t deserve the induction into the Hall of Fame, but they still deserve recognition for having outstanding careers… 1. A total beast of a defender and a rebounder during his entire career, going back to his time at Creighton, Silas averaged 9.4 points and 9.9 rebounds per game for his 16 seasons in the Association. The power forward was arguably the best Nets player in franchise history, averaging 16.4 points and 11.9 for the eight seasons he spent there and 12.8 points and 10 rebounds per game for his entire career. The things that separate Puckett (playing center field instead of first base, winning two World Series titles) aren’t enough to put him in and not Mattingly, who has one league most-valuable-player award to Puckett’s zero. California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. Because Puckett’s career was cut short by an injury? As for former union chief Marvin Miller, 0-for-7 in previous elections, why bother? ( Log Out /  Many of these players were known steroid users. Anything less skews the count and makes it more difficult for anyone to receive three-quarters of the vote – especially from a Veterans Committee that consists of just 16 panelists.

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