For two years, they made his life a continual hell on earth. St. Zélie possessed great energy and intelligence. I believe God is the supreme Artist, and as such wants to bring His ultimate creation, the human person, to perfection. She took it into her head to go to Lisieux, and she would not stop screaming.” Again, “If only one could succeed in getting the better of her stubbornness, and rendering her character more flexible, we could make her a good daughter…She has a will of iron.” She wrote to her sister-in-law, “I am very satisfied with my two eldest children, but it saddens me deeply to see Léonie as she is. She learned the art of lace-making known as Point d’Alençon, and operated successful business. I will pray so hard that I know He will relent.” Indeed, God gave in and answered her persistent prayers beyond imagining. «Ad Rem» A Fortnightly Email Message from the Prior, Episode 251: The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…, The Church uses this Gospel reading for the feast of Saint Raphael, so here's a poem: "Probatica", A longer piece on today's great Catalan saint: "A Very Special Patron: Saint Anthony Mary Claret", Missionary, bishop, royal confessor, and founder of the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: Saint Anthony Mary Claret (1870), Desecration of Statues Continues to Mount Across US, Group Pushing for Accountability for Gov Cuomo’s Sending Virus Infected Elders Back to Nursing Homes, Archbishop Vigano on Pope Francis’ Latest Support for Same-Sex Civil ‘Unions’, Cardinal Zen Calls Cardinal Parolin a Shameless Liar, Interview With Blessed Emperor Karl’s Great-Grandson on the Blessed’s Feastday, Blessed Charles of Austria: A Holy Emperor and His Legacy, Homeostasis: Seeking the Tranquility of Order MP4, The Lernaean Hydra of Heresy and the Timeliness of Our Crusade MP4, The Holy Family: A Vaccination Against Devilio MP4, Unmasking the Enemies of Being: The Transcendentals as our Defensive Weapons MP4, Burning Bush, Burning Hearts - Exodus as a Paradigm of the Gospel, Episode 251: The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…, Episode 250: Emperor Charles, A Holy Emperor and His Legacy. With the practitioners of Santeria in Cuba, Saints Barbara, Lazarus, Peter, Anthony, and the Virgin of Charity (the Patroness of Cuba) are superstitiously venerated. This task required a cartload of patience to work with them. Yes, I also have need of more patience. Now, St. Monica’s intercession is requested by many an impatient soul for peace and trust in God. The most patient are often those who have to struggle most against impatience. During the hour of meditation, she knelt near a nun who could not stop fidgeting, especially with her rosary. MoMu - Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp,, C. Mothers accomplish one of the most important tasks on earth. Extra ecclesiam nulla salus (outside the Church there is no salvation). At what a cost!”, By Strook in Alençon naaldkant, 1750-1775. If you’re reading this article, it’s thanks to the generosity of people like you, who have made Aleteia possible. In reply to that claim, we need to point out that he is indeed found in the Roman Martyrology, his feast day celebrated on April 19. His left foot is stomping on a crow which carries a ribbon in its mouth with the word cras (tomorrow) written on it. I tried hard to enjoy being splashed with dirty water, and by the end of half an hour, I had acquired a real taste for this novel form of aspersion. ?” Rather, Sr. Marie tells in her own words how St. Thérèse dealt with her: “One day she had a brilliant idea: taking from her painting table a molding shell and holding my hands so I could not wipe my eyes, she started to gather my tears in the shell. While some saints find strength in looking forward to the joy after sadness, she could only remain patiently in the present moment. Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on April 19, 2018: Thank you for this hub. Bede (author) from Minnesota on April 19, 2018: Mary, thank you for your very fine comment; alas, impatience is a struggle for me as well… so much to do, so little time. Dear St. Monica, you displayed incredible patience as you waited and prayed for many years for your son, your husband, and other family members who needed to repent and embrace the Trinitarian God. During the Middle Ages, he was venerated in the area of Turin, Italy. It dates from 1826 when it was built as a funeral chapel for yellow fever victims. This, I believe, occurs in the studio of patience. They would hide his chalice or missal, give him dingy vestments, make him constantly wait, and annoy him at every opportunity. So it is with Saint Expedite. By nature, St. Phillip was an agreeable person, but he stirred the envy of three persons associated with the hospital- two were sacristans and one a cleric. Fr. © Copyright Aleteia SAS all rights reserved. St. Zélie gave birth to nine children. In addition, she passed through a trial of faith during these months, where God seemed absent. Contending with flies was another part of her troubles. ‘All right,' she said, 'from now on you can cry as much as you want, providing you cry into this shell.’” By her patience, St. Thérèse helped Sr. Marie gain control over her sensitiveness. Yet motherhood is also a great school of patience. However, she did not become a saint simply by being busy; she gave high value to her spiritual life, for example, attending 5:30 am daily Mass with her husband, Louis. San Expedito’s veneration in the South American country of Chile is more Catholic. She wanted to turn around and simply impale the culprit with one look. Saint Expedite himself was a Roman Centurion. He taught by his good example more than anything. St Francis chose instead to become a priest. As for the end for which I am destined, it is his business to understand how it is to be accomplished; I only know that whatever he is doing is best and most perfect, I accept this skillful master’s treatment of me without knowing or troubling myself about it.’”, God uses our very exercise of patience to create His masterpiece. Moreover, she learned the secret of patience from her mother, St. Zélie. God, “the source of all patience,” (Romans 15:5) thus grants this virtue more abundantly after He sees our effort to practice it. There is no syncretism about it and his adherents are true Christians. How fortunate to find this spot where such treasures were being given away!” The wisdom of the saints seems foolish indeed! Learning from good examples is a help towards this goal. He compares God to a sculptor creating a stone sculpture. There’s nothing that makes people’s blood boil like driving in traffic. When there is trust in Him, patience becomes much easier to practice, knowing that He is the Artist, and “we are His masterpiece.” (Eph 2:10). Some cathedrals, such as St. Vitus' in Prague, took over 600 hundreds years to complete. Once, a certain nobleman asked him for a special favor, which St Francis gently explained was not possible. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.” Again, “Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. During Mass he fixed his eyes on the crucifix and earnestly prayed, “O good Jesus, why is it that you don’t hear me? In 2015, her cause towards canonization began in France where she received the title of Servant of God. Bede is an artist with a long time interest in the lives of the saints. In her youth, St. Zélie received a sharp bruise on her breast. Alfonso Capecelatro. He was in a hurry to save his soul; his focus was on what is important in this life — getting to the right place in the next. ). Léonie Martin as an elderly Visitation nun. He is a saint of the Catholic Church and the patron saint for teachers of youth. She is witty, wise, and charming. Many of the slaves who were baptized refused to give up their native beliefs, and to make them more acceptable to the local Christians, they adopted Catholic saints’ names for their primitive spirits. Quite frequently, an elderly lady visited him with questions about religion. Known for her exemplary patience, St. Monica prayed relentlessly for the conversion of her son, St. Augustine, for years without seeing any sign that her prayers were heard or answered. Support Aleteia with as little as $1. Thank you for sharing some interesting stories about saints. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections, but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.”, “Dispose your soul to tranquility in the morning, and be careful during the day to recall it frequently to that state, and to keep your soul within your control.” He frequently recommends meditation on Christ’s sufferings as a means to acquire patience: “When it is our lot to suffer pain, trials, or ill-treatment, let us turn our eyes upon what Our Lord suffered, which will instantly render our sufferings sweet and supportable.”. Bede is an artist with a long time interest in the lives of the saints. But why be foolish enough to refuse treasures offered so generously? I tried to find relevant examples.

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