Milad Shadrooh: Yeah. I know, if someone tells me something, and I get that feeling like “Bro, that ain’t the one,” I won’t do it. I don’t know if I’m number one. People underestimate how difficult it is, nowadays especially. I don’t have many vices. And I really want to be around. I recorded it. Milad Shadrooh: I mean, so staying healthy because I see for the kids, and I’ll always want to be active. Milad Shadrooh: Whereas these guys were doing it digitally. Then they kind of look at you again. And I said, “Well, send me some and Let me try it.” Because I’d heard of it. Prav: What’s the impact of you when something like that happens? Milad Shadrooh: Right. Very earlier on I had a brand deal, and they wanted me to do some off-key stuff, and I was already in. They just rinse with mouthwash and don’t brush or floss. Was it the fact that I’m giving oral health advice by singing songs? Payman: Oh, is that how it works? We love what you do. Oral B wants you to be their brand ambassador. So it’s always been organic. And then take that on board and see what is it he don’t like, you think I’m bringing a profession into disrepute in which case? Cart 0. My uncle is in America. Payman: Where did you move to when you came here? They said, “Yeah, we’re going to run your story in a couple of papers.” I was like, “All right. So I became like that ITV go-to guy whenever there was a story. Right? You get that kind of stuff online. He now has a decent profile where he can actually make some change and do some stuff. So if someone really hates it, that is upsetting because you’re like “well, why did they hate that aspect of me?” But let’s talk about it. So, the Singing Dentist has to have some dental products. Then you’re constantly trying to recover from that initial commitment you’ve made to that treatment plan. And I was like, “Yeah, my life plan is to move to California.” Because we had loads of family there and friends and stuff. And I’m like, well, I don’t know. So I reply to pretty much all the DMs. They see me as an approachable type of person. But those things take time, for the amount that you guys might think I’m famous or whatever, I’m nowhere near famous enough to make noise like that. There’s going to be negative times, I once posted a video and it’s done badly and I’m like “what the hell happened there”, and you to kind of want to go a bit into yourself and you think “that was disappointing. You could have, it was just a different, you didn’t need a million folders with a million policies in it. So basically, for year one, yeah, in freshers, it was jokes. The Performers are a mix of soloists and groups. Milad Shadrooh: I wrote out the logo and then I went to my dad. Your whole treatment for nine months a year, whatever, is just going to be fighting against someone who doesn’t want to be on that journey. Because I really enjoy doing it. They don’t care that you’ve got a 50 grand chair or a five grand chair with reupholstered seats that we don’t care. He ended up being on Strictly. Milad Shadrooh: Initially, not speaking English and finding it hard to communicate. Prav: So going back to your darkest moments. People find it funny. So I’m just going to drop a day. Milad Shadrooh: I’ve seen so many other dental parodies. Milad Shadrooh: The one that happened, so brin, brin, going away, going away, going away, Ed Sheeran, Shape Of You. I’ll do it full blown and then just kind of stop. But coming with dental products has to happen for me. Rap records would be on and I’d kind of just rap along and learn the words and I was always really good at it. It needed one replaced here and one became a crown and then it doesn’t look as good as everything else because there’s different porcelain and different times. Even in New York, if Dr. Apa was walking down the road, and you’re walking down the road, I think it’s more likely that you’re going to get recognised than him. And doing it as much as you did. Everyone wants to be liked. So if I don’t nail it in one, I start again. I’ve never seen it. I never know exactly where we’re going with it, but there’s always a direction. And they’re gamers. Stacey eliminated. I thought I was really good, but no one’s really liked it. I like meeting, greeting, networking, thinking, designing, creating, starting something from zero and watching it grow. Then there’s like free-styling where you just make stuff up on the spot. It takes skills of people who are behind the camera, behind editing, your sound engineers, you as an artist making the content. Payman: My nine-year-old daughter today when I told her that you were coming in, she had this look of pride on her face that I’ve never seen before. So I might turn it on a bit, but it is still part of me. Sounds like fun. They’re doing proper ones. Milad Shadrooh: Yeah. There was nothing to go wrong. I was like, “All right, what can I do about teeth whitening? That’s fine. We didn’t change, because it was his practise for 20 years. He could sing. But someone like my brother sent it to me. I was 18 at the time. People know you do that.” So I’m wearing a tunic sitting in the green room. Milad Shadrooh: Yeah. So if it was tennis day-to-day, I’d be sick at tennis. And they sponsored a couple of stuff for me. But then I thought, “Okay, these guys are kind of, it’s more digital,” because Clearstep was literally analogue, right? Okay. You were mentored well. Milad Shadrooh: Toothy Box has been the bane of my existence for so long. Just like say, dentists always getting sued and all this headache for a ban too and all this kind of stuff. Didn’t they? Well here to discuss it is The Singing Dentist. When was the point that you realised that you were famous? Whilst for some bruxism doesn’t cause any serious problems, for many the side effects can be painful and persistent. Next thing, is your gut. So again, I flew out to India for three days to do that. Payman: The point I’m making is a mistake, there’s the mistake that you make and there and then, and terrible sinking feeling and perforated a root canal type mistake. Milad Shadrooh: It was good times. What’s that about, what you say about it? Milad Shadrooh: So like, Hammersmith palais, all them things. So yeah, it was good, man. Ross won 58–42. Thanks for coming. Then all I do, I kind of look at them. So it’s crazy. And I never press it because it’s their track. And you know, there’ll be times where you just have a blood test nowadays and I’m just praying about the results and “what if they find something Jesus” but I never used to worry about that kind of stuff. So I tell them about it. They’re super important. It was really good fun. Milad Shadrooh: Like I’m having a conversation. You’ve got to do two swipe ups, one the following week, blah blah. They’re not corrupted yet by media and the world. Because being in one place nine to five is just not my kind of makeup, man. So first thing is case selection. No, no, no, never done the wrong tooth. Oh, I just saw my dentist and he told me I need two root canals. Oh, can we have a selfie?” “Yeah, man, course” Then I raise one eyebrow or raise the other, depending on what side I’m standing and it’s great. It takes me ages. It is presented by Rob Beckett and Geri Halliwell (credited as Geri Horner). They were tweaking a lot of stuff. Here we go. So I bought into the practise as a partner. We used to throw parties in our room all the time. Being an only child, you develop brother ship style friends. And then they’ll get you out of pain. Milad Shadrooh: He’s Irish. And then slowly that’s what’s happened so slowly. You start with nothing. Here’s an x-ray. And I had a friend of mine doing a beatbox, so we were on stage. It’s so important. I’ve realised that now. Milad Shadrooh: And when you bankroll it yourself, then you have to look at an ROI. So I really enjoy it. And I didn’t have much experience with either. And it went quite far and straight. ), 3rd (Tie between Ross and Stacey. From his amazing comedic singing videos for promoting oral hygiene, the doctor is named as the singing dentist. I’m least happy when I’m stood still. So, here’s the thing. Let’s have a photo.” I’m like, “Dude, come on man I’m talking here. So I’m not so worried about that.

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