Click here … The PCs drew a little over 47 per cent of the popular vote, compared to 31.4 for the NDP. The eighth, an NDP seat, was one of the Conservatives’ most narrow margins of defeat in the previous election. It’s not that the Tories assembled weren’t happy to retain power. The fact that not even the mainstream progressive party in the Prairies’ most progressive province was willing to campaign on an eventual $50-per-tonne carbon tax might give Trudeau’s team pause, make his Manitoba incumbents gulp, and make sincere environmentalists worry about how far removed the political discourse is from one that’s serious about tackling humanity’s greatest challenge. But the next government has plenty else to grapple with. Your Manitoba Election Candidates. MB predicted seat totals: CPC 8, Lib 5, NDP 1. But he’d made sure to fill that brief mandate with a broad array of embittered relationships: the Manitoba Hydro board that resigned en masse; the Winnipeg mayor who struggled to get a meeting with him; the Métis federation that found its self-government bid stymied; the unions that have looming court dates to block a legislated wage freeze; the health professionals burned out amid a massive hospital system overhaul. Electionarium's Presidential Election Predictions. 2019 Manitoba Provincial Election Results and Predictions. The choice Manitobans faced could be seen as a reflection of the one before all of Canada in the upcoming federal election: an an incumbent one-term government with a rocky record; an untested 30-something opposition leader whose opponents are keen to demonize him; an unsteady third party scraping for survival, and a Green party pushing for a spot at the adults’ table. Election day was April 19, 2016. Part of the Logomachian Network. Voters in Manitoba head to the polls Sept. 10 to elect the next provincial government. Yet by a comfortable margin, enough voters judged Pallister and his Progressive Conservatives to be the best option, after the party steadily lowered taxes and the deficit over its past mandate, then promised to do more of  the same in its next. Health care and tax promises dominated the discussion. But he had devoted his life for more than a decade to moving past addiction and anger, gaining recognition as an author and broadcaster before becoming Canada’s first Indigenous provincial party leader. MB predicted seat totals: CPC 10, Lib 2, NDP 2. Manitoba election results 2019. July 24, 2019. Published Tuesday, September 10, 2019 12:37PM CST Last Updated Wednesday, September 11, 2019 9:05AM CST SHARE. Manitoba election results 2019: Live, real-time riding vote map. Brian Pallister shortened his first term as premier to less than three and a half years by calling an early election.

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