“Heart of Texas” is a Texas interest group created by Russian trolls. Lawmakers met with representatives from social media giants Facebook and Twitter this week and demanded answers about why the companies haven't done more to combat Russian interference on their sites. by country as well as in the constituency of each Member of Parliament. Just customize a form template to match your organization, embed it in your website or share it on social media with a link, and watch as new contact information and e-signatures are sent securely to your JotForm account — protected with a 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR compliance, and CCPA compliance. This form is mobile ready, it is designed to work on mobile device. This type of ad stroked fears around gun rights, one of America’s most divisive issues. It is not a The same Russian-made group creates another ad to attack Islam. The data shows the number of people who have signed the petition Start a petition to change the world! Such ads can appear in your news feed or on the right sidebar panel and often don’t look any different from other ads. A bulk of the Facebook ads the agency bought encouraged support for then Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump or attacked Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. With JotForm’s selection of free Petition Form templates, you can easily receive digital signatures from your supporters to help further your cause. This data is available for all petitions on the site. I want rid of these sites to ensure the citizens of Great Britain are protected against fraudsters! The ad targets Black Lives Matter supporters. Some of Facebook’s targeting options for boosted or sponsored posts and ads include location, age, gender and interests. Find out more about cookies, This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government, View other petitions from this government. Sexual predators use social media sites to find, groom and sexually exploit. It's design is seamless. A Russian ad targets one of the most divisive issues in the U.S. We use cookies to make this service simpler. It’s another attack ad against Clinton. According To Facebook, Millions Of People Have Seen Russian Election Propaganda. It has e-signature widget too. Just customize this petition generator form according to the petition that you are running, and start receiving responses today! A fake event created by a Russian-made group targets LGBT allies and people in the LGBT community on Facebook, as well as users with interests in same-sex marriage and Hillary Clinton. This Facebook group created by Russians unites those against police brutality, adding to a divisive conversation on police behavior, racism and guns. The troll pages themselves, where a total of 80,000 posts were created, reached 126 million people. Another 2,752 Twitter accounts linked to the same group were uncovered and shut down. This template contains all necessary questions for the form to be valid. Easily share this form with your community or organization and collect their votes and basic contact details. If you are a petition creator, you can generate petitions with this form in a very easy way. An online petition (or Internet petition, or e-petition) is a form of petition which is signed online, usually through a form on a website.Visitors to the online petition sign the petition by adding their details such as name and email address. 111 Pine St. Suite 1815, San Francisco, CA 94111. your own Pins on Pinterest You can manage the answers with JotForm and prepare reports to analyze and report the nomination results. A Russian ad calls on Facebook users to sign a petition to remove Clinton from the ballot. If you need more help, please contact our support team. Let voters nominate candidates for the upcoming election online. This ad hits on the divisive issue of border security. Children are being exploited online, by online sexual predators. With a custom online Petition Form collecting e-signatures for you, you can easily get the support you need in order to advance your cause. You can also connect your custom Petition Form to 100+ apps to automatically add new contacts to your CRM or track signatures in your spreadsheet software, or even integrate with a trusted payment gateway like Square, Stripe, or PayPal to accept donations at the same time. Form with two column, logo and form fields which can be customized on the form builder. A Russian ad targets baseless fears of extremist interpretations of Sharia law. Scam Fake Government Websites are set up to dupe citizens into using them instead of .gov.uk websites such as HMRC, Passport office and to apply for EHIC cards. A Russian ad targets libreral-leaning voters in a group called “Born Liberal.” The ad targets Bernie Sanders supporters and attacks Clinton. ! It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not responsible for. These sites charge exorbitant fees for what should be free services by the government!! Scam Fake Government Websites are set up to dupe citizens into using them instead of .gov.uk websites such as HMRC, Passport office and to apply for EHIC cards. No coding. A Russian-made group called “Heart of Texas” targets veteran supporters and attacks Hillary Clinton. Another Russian-made group called “Defend the 2nd” targeted gun rights advocates and users with like-minded likes and interests, including but not limited to association with the following Facebook groups or pages: National Rifle Association, Second Amendment Sisters and Gun Owners of America.

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