On the B-side it featured a song called ‘That’s Me’, taken from the ongoing sessions for ABBA’s upcoming album, Arrival. After their breakthrough with ‘Waterloo’ the previous year, the group had released their third album, simply titled ABBA, in the spring of 1975. Composition number three, finally, was titled ‘Boogaloo’, suggesting that it had something to do with dance rhythms. Its jubilant sound, characterized by Benny’s trademark piano figures and Frida and Agnetha’s distinctive vocals, made it an instant classic. [Verse 2] The release of ‘Dancing Queen’ was accompanied by a promo clip (or video, as these short ”music films” are called today), directed by Lasse Hallström. Young and sweet, only seventeen It’s often difficult to know what will be a hit. The 1992 release, coinciding with the release of "Gold (Greatest Hits)", was a sizeable hit as well and marked the beginning of the ABBA revival. The photograph was taken by Ola Lager, who was responsible for many ABBA single and album cover pictures. The clip had been filmed in the spring, the venue being the Alexandra’s discotheque in central Stockholm, a very ”in” club at the time. This thing almost ruined my stylus! And that was before me and Agnetha had even sung on it! [Verse 1] It was ABBA manager Stig Anderson who came up with the title ‘Dancing Queen’, writing the lyrics in collaboration with Björn, and in September, Agnetha and Frida added their vocals to the track. Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah However, Stig Anderson insisted that ‘Fernando’ was the right song to go with at this point – a ballad seemed like a fresh contrast against the previous single, the uptempo ’Mamma Mia’ – and Björn and Benny eventually agreed with him. You're a teaser, you turn 'em on Leave them burning and then you're gone Looking out for another, anyone will do You're in the mood for a dance. Night is young and the music's high "Dancing Queen" is considered to be ABBA's signature song. It would take several months before the recording was completed, however – few ABBA songs had such a long journey from start to finish. Another carried the working title ‘Olle Olle’, but was destined to remain unreleased. Friday night and the lights are low Looking out for a place to go And “Dancing Queen” is considered by many to be their signature song. You can dance, you can jive You are the dancing queen Digging the dancing queen Bound, 1980 ELECTRONIC-DISCO -rap 45 in collection. Originally titled “Boogaloo,” the song was brought by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson to Glen Studios in Stockholm, along with “Fernando,” another famed ABBA song. Anybody could be that guy You can dance, you can jive Read our full privacy policy here. ”Benny came home with a tape of the backing track and played it for me,” she recalled. ABBA wanted to release a new single in March 1976, and were unsure which of the tracks to choose:they knew that both had a strong hit potential. The queen is snubbed It is the fourth and final single from their first album, The ABBA Generation. Dancing queen For this occasion they dressed up in baroque outfits as a suitably tongue-in-cheek attempt to go along with the atmosphere of the ceremonious gala. [Chorus] "Dancing Queen" is a single released by A-Teens, an ABBA tribute band from Sweden. They brought with them the melodies for three new songs, all of which at this point only had nonsense lyrics – and titles that were equally preliminary. Looking out for another, anyone will do Finally, back in Sweden the song was also introduced to the public a few months before the release of the single – and it was on a very special occasion. Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah For inspiration they turned to George McCrae’s 1974 disco hit ‘Rock Your Baby’, a pioneering recording within its genre. Has anyone else found a copy of this with the same cat#, same label almost the exact same. [Outro] A good, solid backing track was put together for the song, consisting of drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. Added rhythmical influence came from the drumming on the 1972 album Gumbo by Dr. John, a favourite of ABBA session drummer Roger Palm and engineer Michael B. Tretow. In March, on a visit to Australia, they taped a second performance of the song. By continuing to browse the website, you agree to our use of cookies. In this studio was where the then-new composition eventually became what it is now. About “Dancing Queen” 4 contributors When “Dancing Queen” was released, ABBA essentially made the world’s first Europop disco hit. Dancing queen Song Meanings and Facts © 2020. This morning on the tube on the way in to work, I was listening to this: Dancing Queen / That's Me, 7", Single, BOC/S - 1140, http://www.abba4therecord.com/detail.php?recordID=2149, Dancing Queen & That's Me, 7", Single, Ltd, Pic, RE, 4795073, Dancing Queen, 7", Single, RP, Ora, S EPC 4499, Sizzle Featuring La Rom Baker* - Love Is All Around, King Errisson - Manhattan Love Song / L. A. Abbasite.com use cookies to improve the user experience. Having the time of your life ABBA, as you are probably aware, was one of the most-successful musical bands in the history of the industry. The album yielded hits like ‘SOS’ and ‘Mamma Mia’. With a bit of rock music, everything is fine ABBA, as the only representative of pop music, were invited to appear, and chose to perform their upcoming single. But even as late as December 1975, Björn and Benny were still fine-tuning the recording, adding further overdubs. These ABBA Songs Received The Biggest Genius Pageview Spikes From ‘Mamma Mia! Later reissues that mimic the original release are also included. Ooh, see that girl, watch that scene When “Dancing Queen” was released, ABBA essentially made the world’s first Europop disco hit. Digging the dancing queen You are the Dancing Queen Young and sweet, only seventeen Dancing Queen Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah And when you get the chance. Diging the dancing queen. You're in the mood for a dance Last modified September 9, 2020. By coincidence, it happened that both ‘Fernando’ and ‘Dancing Queen’ were completed around the same time. But has Voulez-Vous on the B side instead of Dancing Queen on the A&B side? Your information will never be sold, and you can unsubscribe at any time. But the song was introduced in some parts of the world long before its release as a single. Rolling Stone ranked “Dancing Queen” at #174 on their list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. ‘Dancing Queen’ is not only ABBA’s most famous recording, but is widely regarded as one of the all-time greatest pop songs. The ”white hats” photograph is said to be one of the group’s own favourite images of themselves. ‘Dancing Queen’ would have to wait another five months before it reached record shops. This was included in a television special entitled ABBA In Australia, which was exported to other countries. But it also ranked high up in the charts in many other countries, from Australia to Brazil to Zimbabwe. ABBA themselves never doubted that they were onto something good, as Agnetha remembered: ”It’s hard to tell when a hit is being made, you don’t always sense it. And, indeed, this was the song that would eventually become ‘Dancing Queen’. Where they play the right music, getting in the swing Digging the dancing queen But there was very little time for rest: for one thing, there were new recordings to be made. On August 4, Björn and Benny entered Glen Studios, located in a Stockholm suburb, where they would spend two days recording backing tracks together with the session musicians. [Chorus] Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme. We need no other reasons to take a look at the story behind this masterpiece. You're in the mood for a dance A boogaloo beginning June 19, 1976, was the wedding date for King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and Silvia Sommerlath. One of the songs was called ‘Tango’, but later turned into the more familiar ‘Fernando’. Ooh, see that girl, watch that scene You are the dancing queen But even as late as December 1975, Björn and Benny were still fine-tuning the recording, adding further overdubs. It was reported that when Andersson first played for bandmate Frida Lyngstad the backing track for this song, she began to cry. On the day before the wedding, June 18, a televised gala in their honour was held at The Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm. ”I thought it was so enormously beautiful that I started to cry.”. At the end of January 1976, ABBA recorded a television special in Germany, where ‘Dancing Queen’ was one of the songs they performed. Originally released in 1976, a few months before the album "Arrival", it was a worldwide number 1 hit. On August 16, 1976, the ABBA single ‘Dancing Queen’ was finally released in Sweden. Having the time of your life And when you get the chance In early August 1975, ABBA were fresh off a summer tour of Sweden. ’Dancing Queen’ is not only ABBA’s biggest and most well-known hit, but a timeless pop music classic.

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