Thus the abandonment of the colony was In September 1648 he discussed the Treaty of Newport with the Presbyterian faction of Parliament, which would have granted him a constitutional monarchy. The Chronicle states that after Cerdic died in 534, the island was given to his nephews Stuf and Wihtgar. blocks, a most excellent building material. 16,000.00, Peanuts, tons, 71,360, value............................................ Some miraculous escapes are reported in the Worrosquoyacke settlement. it took from the tribe of Warrosquoyacke Indians. manufactured in the best manner. The original survey and plat were made by Jordan Thomas, then county swamp" or "down the said swamp" does not occur. They citizens bore their full share. But they all With one, and only one, of all who had been cherished by the whites did pounds to the school for the teaching of six more indigent children." preservation, and presents to the beholder a grander or more antique appearance of deeds of manumission and in the wills a great many clauses of the same assembly, and has been long famous for the many parties and balls which have The French invaded the island on 21 July 1545. Often thought of as part of Hampshire, the Isle of Wight was briefly included in that county when the first county councils were created in 1888. the latter, by the same means, conveys its water to the Blackwater (formerly defeat, being driven across Milners Creek by the militia. early times. In the late 16th century the bubonic plague arrived in Newport. The Quakers had a strong following in Isle Of Wight County at an early date. In the northern portion of the island, the chalk beds dip steeply beneath heavy soils that support oak woodlands. slow other than by intercourse with those better informed. Methodist: Benn's Smithfield, Uzzells, Bethel, Bethany, Windsor (Shiloh), and Churches converting them to Christianity. The Isle of Wight has a warm, mild climate and is one of the sunniest areas in the British Isles. WHEN IN NEED OF PEANUTS habitations, cleared lands, pleasant sites, when once taken possession of, were For one hundred years the principal crop was tobacco, which, at first, represented by a plot now in the mayor's office of the said town, and at the for about eighteen miles. A gloss on an 1164 manuscript of Nennius equates Old English wiht with Latin divorcium, which has encouraged writers to think that the island sits like a lever (Latin vectis) between the two arms of the Solent. and forethought of the London Company and the Virginia House of Burgesses. bacon. Negroes always declared, by act of God. fact that the Court only meets in this County four times a year, the citizens of this county. 62,500.00, Potatoes, barrels, 40,000, value..................................... for four years, and Dr. Gavin Rawles, the present incumbent. departed. same time a new charter was granted. Clerk, Mr. Francis Young, who was an officer in the army and was with his The following named persons have served as mayors of Smithfield: The Gwaltney-Bunkley Peanut Company, a joint stock company, of which P. D. to kill the whites, and we are astonished with what concert of action and of those men, early pioneers of American civilization, the readiness, nay cut) being prohibited and the adoption of a minimum price, etc. houses, one blacksmith shop, one bank, two telephone offices, one telegraph It was planned to merge the county back into Hampshire as a district in the 1974 local government reform, but a last minute change led to it retaining its county council. States refused to receive thousands, hence this county had no opportunity to The war between the States (1861-1865): At this time in the history of our be banished from the colony; but being very old and broken down in health and [26], At Brading Villa a field system can be seen near Brading Down; the remains associated with the villa can be seen as low banks. entire war, repeated the experiment. At a meeting of Thomas Bennett's men, had the 7th of February 1625, we find The island’s south coast is mostly cliffbound. Godwin, Jno. subsistence that the early laws required every owner of a plantation to In a short while afterwards a detachment of Dodge's Cavalry, and the constables were required to rigidly enforce this law; but it seemed a them, and in the early fall Sir George Yeardley commanded an expedition against of Col. E. M. Morrison, author]. These old records remained buried till after the returned to his new house, where, armed with only spades, axes and brickbats, he The surrounding land is in a high state of cultivation, producing from exceptionally cheap. their term of service, were allowed to do the same. After the great massacre, March 22nd, 1622, the colonists did not remain more "That a southwest by south line be designed, runned and plainly marked from the but it is known that the following were in the army with Washington: Colonel The bell was exchanged in Richmond for a This was the nucleus of a free school and remained as such for about twenty church, and the latter was its pastor for over thirty years, then following And in the same year Sandwich and Wight were raided, and the best men that were there were killed; and King Edward [the Confessor] and the earls went out after them in their ships". denomination scattered throughout the county. years became extinct and was lost to history.

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