It does not, unfortunately, come with an overdraft or a chequebook but you will be able to make payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. The first step is finding an appropriate course to study at a licensed UK university or higher education institution. You can apply to switch to any of the following work visas if you meet the requirements: You will need to ensure that your BRP is valid for the period of time you intend to stay in the UK. Pretty good! Setting up a bank account may be another boring life admin task to deal with, but it's worth investing the time as it could save you a fair amount of cash and headaches. Be aware that 'international accounts' offered by UK banks are different to 'international student accounts' and often have more requirements. You need to either apply to extend your visa or switch to an appropriate work visa. Universities and educators have been very clear about this: International students are welcome in the UK. They must go through the same process as with making a standard UK visa application from outside the UK. Al Rayan also does Sharia-compliant savings accounts too if you’re thinking about staying in the UK on a long-term basis. That is why many students are now thinking about other countries in Europe that offer English-language degree programmes, like Germany, Ireland or the Netherlands. Defining Cambridge. And for European students starting their studies in England in autumn 2020, the British government has confirmed that they will be treated like “home” students with regards to tuition fees and funding options. This will make the whole process a lot easier for you as you'll already be on their customer database. If students from the EU continue to be treated as “home” students in the UK (with lower tuition fees), then British students will also continue to be treated the same as EU students when studying in an EU country. You might decide that all of the above is too much hassle after all, especially if you’re only in Britain for a couple of months. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. You’ll need to be living in the UK or the EU when applying for this account and be aged 16 or over. It is very likely that Brexit will change this comfortable situation for the worse. It could also be much easier to open an account abroad. More information can be found here. Read on. A link to set up an account to make your student visa application online can be found here. The visa is valid for the length of the course, up to a maximum of six years, and can be extended. However, such guarantees may not extend to any yet unforeseeable change in visa regulations. International students in the UK may have foreign income or gains (that is, income or gains arising from sources outside the UK), for example, from working back home in the vacations, letting out a foreign property, or from interest on a foreign bank account. The UK student visa application process differs slightly depending on the type of UK student visa you are applying for. The UK government has recently tightened up rules on UK student visas, making several changes to the Tier 4 student visa in 2016. Your choices will not impact your visit. Some universities give guarantees to EU students who enrol prior to the UK leaving the EU that Brexit won’t affect their status with regards to tuition fees. Includes how to open an account and the banks with the lowest international transfer fees. But, like with the NatWest account above, this Barclays account isn’t meant for international students that are only here for a year, unless they’re enrolled on a master’s degree. You can keep track of the money in your account with internet, mobile and telephone banking and pay money into the account at the Post Office in the UK (although not every Post Office offers this service, so check if the ones nearest where you’ll live in the UK do before opening the account). Switch to desktop view, Like most sites, we use cookies to optimise your experience and serve personalised content. You can work on a Tier 4 (child) student visa if you are aged 16 or over. At the same time, universities in the UK stand to lose billions of euros in research funding provided via the EU. For those looking for a Sharia-compliant current account, you’ve come to the right place. See the, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, Alternatives to opening a UK bank account, international students planning to study in the UK, funding available for international students, How to complete a self-assessment tax return. This bank account isn’t designed specifically for international students, but you’re required to have an address in an EU country to set one up. In some cases, you will be able to open a UK bank account from overseas. For your UK student visa application, you will need to provide the following: You will also need to have a tuberculosis test if you are coming to the UK for more than six months and are from any of the countries listed here. Santander’s transfer fees are among the highest fees listed for sending money abroad in non-euro currencies. But, again, there’s no chequebook or overdraft here we’re afraid. You may change your settings at any time. Furthermore, the new UK post study work visa will give the right to the international students to stay and work in the UK for up to 2 years after Masters and 3 years after PhD. It is not possible to be joined by any family members on s Short-term study visa. A list of Visa premium service centers in the UK can be found here.

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