Both are made up of the same 3 Majors, 3 minors and a Diminished chord. [Verse 2] G D Do(e), a deer, a female deer, Re, a drop of golden sun, G D Mi, a name I call myself, Fa(r), a long long way to run. The placement of the patterns will be different on every key, but you will notice the arrangement or the shape is just the same. That’s why I want to share this.So without further ado, here’s the simple method on how to Learn Guitar Scale Using Simple Do Re Mi For Beginners. To help you practice, here is the breakdown of the G Major scale and the E natural minor scale, which is again the relative minor of G Major. G Major Scale Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. Aside from starting only at DO (1), this time will include the LA (6) and TI (7) on the low E string. It’s just that I learned and understand what I’m doing with this method and I feel that it’s going to help other guitar players who are just starting out practicing guitar scales. So speaking of practice, here’s a free online metronome to help you gain muscle memory on your fingers, build speed and precision. If you click on the link and purchase an item, Website Operator will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Start with an open E or LA (6) then the index finger to TI (7), the middle finger again at the red dot DO (1) and continue to finish the first pattern. But before we start and continue with the lesson. You will find how easy it is to remember these patterns and when you make a mistake you’ll actually hear it so you can properly adjust a half step lower or higher on the notes using this type of method. Now let’s try to scale the E minor from top to bottom then again going back ascending. Try it now with the Em Natural and Pentatonic Scale. You can include the RE (2) on the high E string in the second pattern then go back ascending again. We have provided the links below for the other major and minor scales to try and have an AHA moment by just using these 5 patterns. It looks a lot of work and no fun at all. For this tutorial will be using the G Major Scale and will also include its relative minor chord Em. Adding to that, these exact 5 patterns will be useful when you move onto practicing the other major key scales and their relative natural minor key scales. Start at the red dot DO (1) of the low E string with your middle finger, followed by the other fingers to descend on the rest of the dots ending on the DO (8) of the D string. It is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide websites a means to earn money by advertising products by linking to Will dissect the scale into group of patterns, and each pattern will have the Do Re Mi together with the Guitar Number System to represent the notes and chords of the scale. Then go back ascending starting now from where you stop, reversing the finger pattern you’ve created. For sure every guitar player who is been playing for years now knows all about this and also I’m not saying that guitar scale charts are not useful and wont help you. Finally we’re done, the Do Re Mi is all there and all you have to do is follow it and practice. You may have ended on your ring finger or pinky finger, but this really depends on what finger you’re comfortable to use, which means as long as you have a rhythm going up and down the frets and having an easy time doing it, you’re alright. Composers: Richard Rodgers (music) and Oscar Hammerstein II (lyrics) Music: Key of C Major in 2/4 time at a moderately fast tempo - allegretto Chords: C, C7, G, G7, G9, F, D7, Dm7, E7, Am 2/4: 2 beats per bar with each beat having the value of a quarter-note or crotchet. Another starting point on the second pattern is the DO (1) of the open G string and there is another FA (4) on the B string that you can also use for the second pattern. Then one day when I was practicing it just came to me. 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Like the first pattern start at the red dot, but this time with the DO (1) on the D string and using your ring or pinky finger descending to the rest of the dots ending on the DO (8) of the high E string. I’m sure that you get the hang of it by now that you can start from the top low E string of the first pattern continuing on until you reach the last note RE (2) of the high E string of the second pattern, then go back ascending. Every Major chord has its relative minor, and for the G major it is the Em. G G7 C A A7 D Sol, a needle pulling thread, La, a note to follow sol, B7 Em Ti, I drink with jam and bread, C D G that will bring us back to do.

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