This site has been established to facilitate in the discovery of free, full-length documentaries that deal with this dark reality of man... and sometimes, woman. Now if you do some research and study the structure of the banking systems, you will see that certain families control all the major banks in the world, including the WORLD BANK and the IMF which now has a majority of countries in debt to it. Learn how your comment data is processed. How about choosing my health care? No Father at home, no Father in Heaven. There's no denying it's a messed up situation. Love it, the EL-LITE have you all at each others throats LOL. People do. ", Tommy Lynn Sells America is the only industrialized nation in the world with a higher murder rate than countries that are at ‘civil war‘… With exclusive video footage from race riots, kidnappings, armed robberies, domestic disputes, mass shootings, political assassinations, and the random, senseless murders of serial killers, “The Killing Of America” examines the growing gun violence in America and traces it back to its core – the JFK assassination. This timeless shockumentary (made in 1982 and restricted 18+) has never been released, distributed, televised nor made available for sale in the USA. And no country on earth has more draconian firearms laws than America so a film that starts off with the gun problem I am skeptical and will not waste my time with this documentary! My God, Americans are a paranoid, delusional, and roundly fearful bunch aren't they!? The Killing of America (bullets.... bombs good - gas very naughty). because Jesus healed the sick and then charged them 15,000 denari for it...Oh wait no he didn't because Jesus believed in spreading the wealth, not hoarding it...Jesus believed in caring for the sick, not abandoning them. Great way to live. Throughout the running time we see a number of stories dealing with mass murderers, sexual assaults, sniper attacks and various other crimes. Because the concept of hard working poor people doesn't seem to be an option for there any room in your brain for the concept that people might not all fit into a single stereotype? (guns are the ultimate equalizer, because even the weakest can pull a trigger) With that said, many americans feel they are necessary primarily to protect them against their own government, yet never question it when their government sends them abroad. And very sorry for our country. Crime in South Africa makes the worst of these guys look completely civilized. Meanwhile, a determined cop is catching up to him, as is radiation poisoning. I would no more live in an inner city black neighborhood than I would live in ISIS controlled territory. "My people have been the most persecuted in history" i didn't realise you were a Native American, i thought you were a white guy. They don't have enough food. And you are correct to some degree. They were socialist. Its what the El- Lite want! Combined, there are more than 200k people following us through these channels: You should sign up for our newsletter. So often the description doesn't represent the film & it's frustrating, at best. people do bad things, not God. Working poor? Looking for a slightly scary movie to watch this Halloween? Here's a clue... "Now if you do some research...", Quite right, they provoke us one agains't the other to drive a wedge and separate us by any means possible. That's just my opinion though. Search for "The Killing of America" on, Title: On August 3 2001 The US Senate voted to back President Bush's plan to kill the government's successful gun buyback program, handing a victory to gun rights forces. The Killer Clown, “We’ve all got the power in our hands to kill, but most people are afraid to use it. Therefor socialism is out ancient way of life (sharing **** so we all survive) while kapitalism stands at the other end (everyone for themselves and **** it if people die); of course when one defines it like that good and evil is quickly seen (but don't tell the 'Christian' free-market Americans or they'll call you a communist (even though to be a communist you need to COME from a communist country which has never existed (we've only had socialist countries (yes even the USSR (they called themselves socialist only the US called them communists (but as if we didn't know the US does misinformation))) so it's interesting to be called something that hasn't existed yet (shows you the IQ of these people)).

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