Officer Christopher Logan Officer Andrew Carman Officer Blake R. McGregor Officer Chanee Lintel Officer Jillian Simon Officer Sean … Sergeant Wheeler volunteered to help during one at a local elementary school, when he overheard one of the students trying to comfort another student who did not have a costume. | Accessibility, Fingerprinting Services & Background Checks, Download letter and package bomb indicators. These specimens are used for microscopic comparison with cartridge cases, bullets or shot shells that are recovered during the investigation of a crime to determine the firearm used. What doesn't rock is not getting that package because it was pilfered by a porch pirate. The victim agreed to purchase a subscription and wrote the suspect a check. Denver police responded to the Denver Public Library main branch, 10 14th St., on July 25 after a man caused a disturbance. Postal Service. SPOOKTACULAR! The Forensic Imaging Unit (FIU) recovers video from surveillance systems. Officer Jillian Simon Using a data-driven approach, officers will be deployed in areas where there are a high number of crashes. #StayWarmStaySafe #StayWithYourCar, Mornin', #Denver! Featured: Each neighborhood … The analyst examines the digital data and publishes the results in a report. © 2020 PoliceArrests. Robert C White (Chief of Police), There will be candy, haunted houses, candy, games, and did we mention CANDY!? Last week, Mayor Michael B. Hancock recognized 12 officers for their 20 years of service to our community. 1331 Cherokee Street Clear ALL the snow and ice off before driving! ISO/IEC 17025 is the International Organization for Standardization standard that specifies requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. Officers around Denver have recently started participating in the Walk A Mile Program. SURVIVOR SUNDAY: FINDING HELP Be sure to stop by any or all of them for some free, safe, family fun! Computer Forensic examinations are performed by a DPD Detective on special assignment at the Rocky Mountain Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory (RMRCFL) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Centennial, Colorado. Officer Sarah Krcal Officer Samual Bailey Police shoot, kill armed suspect who allegedly refused to drop his weapon after car chase through Denver. Officer Andrew Bergner He loves running, playing and romping around the yard. Born and raised in Denver, Commander Sanchez is a graduate of Metropolitan State College and University … These technologies have allowed the Denver Police Department an increased efficiency in criminal investigations often in a very short time and in a critical manner. Today, we at the Denver Police Department are tipping our hats to Sergeant Nick Wheeler of the Albuquerque Police Department in New Mexico. Officer Annalissa Reynolds. CGIC is a multi-agency investigative taskforce built around NIBIN that began operation in 2013. Under no circumstances may you use our services for any purpose covered by the FCRA, including but not limited to tenant or employee screening. Watch it now, then join us in wishing them the very best one more time! More Denver-specific crime news. Join us in congratulating these brand new officers on their graduation and wishing them luck on the next phase of this journey! This analytical capacity is most frequently used to examine fire debris in suspected arson cases. *Photo courtesy of the MBPD Facebook page – Go LIKE ‘em. NIBIN is a database of digital images of fired cartridge cases that were found at crime scenes or test-fired from confiscated weapons. DPD Tester. The Denver Police Department phone number is (720) 913-2000. His criminal history is extensive and includes assault, aggravated robbery, felony menacing with a deadly weapon, felony tampering with government records, and possession of a controlled substance. Lore is wanted for failure to appear for DANGEROUS DRUGS and she has an extensive criminal history. District Commander Aaron Sanchez. The Denver Police Department encourages all residents to be aware of their surroundings and to report all suspicious activity by calling the numbers provided to the left of this page or contacting your local police district station. Phone: (720) 913-6010 Fine work, officer. Designed to help officers better engage with residents, officers are getting out of their patrol cars and walking neighborhoods with the people that live in them. Police Stations. Our analysts are available to provide scientific testimony in the judicial resolution of criminal cases. If you have information about suspects, or wish to remain anonymous, please call Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867) or click link above. IT'S ALMOST HALLOWEEN Keep up that safe driving, and remember an unattended running vehicle is like an invitation to car thieves; don't be a puffer. Officer Andrew Carman An adult male sustained a gunshot wound and was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries. To learn more about us, or about bomb safety and awareness tips, see below: If you have additional questions or wish to schedule a training in the areas of Bomb Awareness or Bomb Threat Response Planning, contact Sergeant David Marker at (720) 913-6236. The data is based on the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) which includes all victims of person crimes and all crimes within an incident. Since midnight we've had 4 stolen puffers and 12 traffic cash reports. We are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 through the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) and deliver quality forensic services for law enforcement agencies. 09 Feb 2017. An adult male was shot and transported to a local hospital with non life threatening injuries. Police Administration Building The Crime Scene Unit is comprised of highly qualified and trained Crime Scene Investigators that respond to requests by Law Enforcement personnel to identify, document, collect and preserve evidence related to crimes against persons and property crime scenes. Obtain Caller ID if the threat is received by phone, Gather as much information about the caller as possible, Immediately following a bomb threat call, hang up the receiver and pick it back up before another call comes in, Initiate a call trace by dialing *57 and listen to the recorded message for instructions, Item appears unexpectedly and seems out of place, Do not handle or move any suspicious item, Anything that resembles an explosive device must be treated with extreme caution, Move people to a safe location far away from the device, Remember, wires, power supplies, switches may not be present, These are designed to kill or injure first responders, Other hazards include; broken gas lines, downed power lines, falling glass, weakened building structure integrity. It's was during one of these very walks that Officer Jim Lopez met young Alec, who is pictured here. Our Division has successfully utilized criminal intelligence databases in fingerprinting, DNA, and firearms. | Privacy & Security Policy For more information on peddlers’ requirements, visit Sergeant Brian Conover The Denver Police Department encourages all residents to be aware of their surroundings and to report all suspicious activity by calling the numbers provided to the left of this page or contacting your local police district station. SUNDAY MATINEE: THE GIFT OF PROTECTION HALLOWEENING LIKE A PRO What you are hearing are other metro Denver Adams County law enforcement agencies. So pumped in fact, we are hosting FOUR family-friendly parties! Friends, we've got the safety tips you needs to make sure you survive Halloween like a pro -- watch 'em now and share 'em with a friend! PROTECT YOUR PACKAGE Please join us in congratulating our VIPs programs and their leaders for this well-deserved honor and thanking them for their hard work! They punched thier ticket to the greatest show on earth this past Friday and tomorrow these brand new officers will take to the streets., RT @CSP_News: It’s dangerous to you, it’s dangerous to others. If you see Marrufo or know his whereabouts, please call 720-913-7867. All rights reserved. Please search responsibly. In addition to performing casework we actively participate in scientific research for future development of forensic capabilities and modernization of analytical techniques.

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