Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go... we can work it out now (Oi, oi, oi, oi, oi), Vem para quebrar kuduro, vamos dançar kuduro, Seja morena ou loira, vem balançar kuduro, Yo te hablo claro pa que estemos mas claro que cloro, Collections with "Throw your hands up ...". Don Omar - Throw your hands up (Danza Kuduro English Version) Artist: Don Omar (William Omar Landrón Rivera) Song: Throw your hands up (Danza Kuduro English Version) Featuring artist: Lucenzo, Qwote, Pitbull. According to Universal Records, the single became a worldwide hit, reaching No. The song wisely shifts him toward more tropical-leaning material-a move all too familiar in reggaetón's post-boom era-while letting him continue to explore new sounds and maintain his hold over Latin dancefloors around the world. Con la mano arriba A A. It portrays Don Omar inviting Lucenzo to a boat ride, and picking him up in a BMW Z4. Que esto sólo empieza Te convierte en fiera Who's going to stop this feeling that makes your hips lose control as you dance. La mano arriba (La mano arriba) This song was also covered by Brazilian artists Robson Moura and Lino Krizz as "Vem Dançar com Tudo", as the opening for the telenovela Avenida Brasil. [4], Monica Herrera from Billboard said "The propulsive beat is laced with crowd-pleasing electric accordion runs, over which Don Omar sings and raps about a simple yet evergreen concept: dancing up a storm. Quero ver mexer kuduro Ninguém vai ficar parado Big Ali: Danza Kuduro on swisscharts.com", DutchCharts.nl Vem Dançar Kuduro/Danza Kuduro" page, Australian-charts.com – Qwote & Lucenzo – Throw Your Hands Up", Charts.nz – Qwote & Lucenzo – Throw Your Hands Up", Listy bestsellerów, wyróżnienia :: Związek Producentów Audio-Video", "Official Scottish Singles Sales Chart Top 100", "Official Independent Singles Chart Top 50". Quien puede domar la fuerza del mal Quien puede parar eso que al bailar Cintura sola Oi, oi, oi, oi There were more than 1 million views within the first few days of its release, making "Danza Kuduro" the #3 Most Seen Video in the World. The song is written by Lucenzo who is also producer of the song. Que esto sólo empieza [naam?] [Verso 2: Lucenzo] Danza Rabiosa Kuduro - DJ Ryxen Remix (featuring Lucenzo, "Viata e dura (Imnul repetentului la Bac)" - comedian version by Romanian singers, "My Edem v Leto" - Russian version by Muradiks feat. 1 in Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and on the US Hot Latin Songs chart, and making the top 5 in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Chile, Central America, Denmark, and Norway. . Hey, brunette, come closer (to me) (sugestão). and the heat like the sun that can't let you be still at the beat, babe. "Brazil Hot 100 Airplay" (in Portuguese). Danza kuduro! December 2011. Que esto sólo empieza (El Orfanato) / El Rey! (Vai, vai, vai, vai) Cintura sola [...] Don Omar's song is so infectious, it will likely get buried in your mind after just one listen -- and trust us, that's a very good thing". Danza kuduro! English. Danza kuduro! [Coro 1: Don Omar] Cintura sola Da media vuelta (Da media vuelta) Cintura sola Y ese fuego que quema por dentro y lento Y sacude duro! Que esto sólo empieza The music video was shot in Havana, Cuba portraying Lucenzo and Big Ali promoting their concert that is to be held in a poor neighborhood in the Cuban capital, while Lucenzo is distributing posters to the public and Big Ali is joining in declaring, through loud speakers, about music coming from New York City, Angola and Portugal alluding to kuduro music to be played at the party. Kuduro is a style of dancing and singing from Angola. The full music video was premiered on August 17, 2010 through Vevo. Don Omar – Danza Kuduro", Swisscharts.com – Lucenzo feat. Que se mete por tu' vena' (Toma!) On the Venezuelan Airplay Chart from the Record Report, the song also reached the top of the Latin Chart,[10] and peaked at number 2 on the main Top 100 Chart. Big Ali: Danza Kuduro on lescharts.com", "Lucenzo Feat. Da media vuelta Billboard Brasil (Brazil: bpp). [9] The song has become Don Omar's second number-one hit on the Billboard Latin Songs, and also topped the Latin Rhythm Songs, Latin Tropical Songs. Danza Kuduro Lyrics: A&X / El Orfanato / Danza Kuduro! It entered the UK Singles Chart at No. (Plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop) "Vem Dançar Kuduro" (English: Come Dance Kuduro) is a multilingual Portuguese/English dance hit single by Lucenzo, a France-based artist of Portuguese origin featuring also France-based American artist Big Ali. along side Mr. Worldwide himself (Mr. Worldwide). [20], Music video for "Señorita" by Dr. Bellido featuring Papa Joe, Ultratop.be – Lucenzo feat. While Portugal once retained bloody control over the former colony the diasporic spread of the musically inspired dance craze has added to the feel of "world music" taking the concept of Kuduro from Brazil to Beijing. Da media vuelta Danza kuduro! Balança que é uma loucura Don Omar – Danza Kuduro", Lescharts.com – Lucenzo feat. Cintura sola "Throw Your Hands Up (Dançar Kuduro)" is a rearranged multilingual recording of the song by Qwote featuring Pitbull and Lucenzo in English, Spanish and Portuguese. ", https://www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2012/12/26/167628341/kuduro-the-dance-that-keeps-angola-going, "Don Omar, 'Danza Kuduro' Feat. Balança que é uma loucura [2][16] As of March 2020, the music video had received over 1.1 billion views on YouTube. Descontrola tu' cadera' (Sexy...!) Que esto sólo empieza (Vai, vai, vai, vai) Danza kuduro! "Vem Dançar Kuduro" was also a hit in Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. Da media vuelta Don Omar – Danza Kuduro", Nederlandse Top 40 – Lucenzo feat Don Omar", Dutchcharts.nl – Lucenzo feat. (Missing Lyrics), É pra quebrar kuduro, vamos dançar kuduro, Seja morena ou loira, vem balançar kuduro, Dança Kuduro (Danza Kuduro) by Daddy Kall (Ft. Latino), Vem Dançar Kuduro by Lucenzo (Ft. Big Ali), Danza Kuduro (Edexe EDM Remix) by Don Omar (Ft. Lucenzo), Danza Kuduro (Danleik 'Summer' Remix) by Don Omar (Ft. Lucenzo), Danza Kuduro (Pex L Remix) by Don Omar (Ft. Lucenzo), Danza Kuduro (Ma1k Latin Remix) by Don Omar (Ft. Lucenzo), Danza Kuduro (Remix) by Don Omar (Ft. Arcángel, Daddy Yankee & Lucenzo). [Outro] 1. Danza Kuduro! (Vai, vai, vai, vai) Danza kuduro! I think Brazil should just start speaking Portuguese the way the Portuguese do. Seja morena ou loira, vem balançar kuduro When they speak to each other, they use English, Quiero Vivir Que esto sólo empieza (Que esto sólo empieza) Oi, oi, oi Ninguém vai ficar parado "Vem dançar kuduro" page on aCharts.us website, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Vem_Dançar_Kuduro&oldid=967250859#Throw_Your_Hands_Up_(Dançar_Kuduro), Billboard Hot Latin Songs number-one singles, Billboard Tropical Songs number-one singles, Billboard Latin Rhythm Airplay number-one singles, Record Report Top Latino number-one singles, Articles with Portuguese-language sources (pt), Pages using infobox song with unknown parameters, Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Danza Kuduro – Lucenzo feat. / (Plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop) / Lucenzo! Mueve la cabeza [Letra de "Danza Kuduro" ft. Don Omar] Some fans are joining in the celebrations dancing in the streets with the artists. Danza kuduro! Morena, vem a meu lado 'Orphans' otherwise contains seemingly infinite variations on reggaeton, though there's nothing else as great as the standard genre track 'Hasta Abajo', which appears here in un-remixed form". Lucenzo! Danza Kuduro (Throw Your Hands Up) (Radio Edit) Featuring – Don Omar: 2: Danza Kuduro (Throw Your Hands Up) (Big Ali Edit) Remix – Big Ali: 3: Danza Kuduro (Throw Your Hands Up) (Uk Dancar Kuduro Edit) Featuring – Pitbull: 4: Danza Kuduro (Throw Your Hands Up) (Wideboy Club Mix) Featuring – Pitbull Remix – Wideboy* 5 Balança que é uma loucura Pitbull, 41,743 Shazams. It won the Billboard Latin Music Award for Latin Rhythm Airplay Song of the Year in 2011 and 2012. (Vai, vai, vai, vai) Mueve la cabeza Featuring artist: Lucenzo, Qwote, Pitbull English . Don Omar (3:20), Vem dançar kuduro (Radio Edit) – Lucenzo feat. É pra quebrar kuduro, vamos dançar kuduro Danza Kuduro is an adaptation of Vem Dancar Kuduro, from Don Omar's collaborative album Meet the Orphans released as the lead single from the album on August 15, 2010 through Machete, VI. [Intro: Don Omar] Originally designed to pay tribute towards the many disfigured and crippled people within the country due to the deadly civil war that ravaged the country and left landmines throughout the region. Don Omar – Danza kuduro", Ultratop.be – Lucenzo feat. Danza Kuduro (Throw Your Hands Up) (Radio Edit) Featuring – Don Omar: 2: Danza Kuduro (Throw Your Hands Up) (Big Ali Edit) Remix – Big Ali: 3: Danza Kuduro (Throw Your Hands Up) (Uk Dancar Kuduro Edit) Featuring – Pitbull: 4: Danza Kuduro (Throw Your Hands Up) (Wideboy Club Mix) Featuring – Pitbull Remix – Wideboy* 5 (Vai, vai, vai, vai) La mano arriba Mueve la cabeza The song was released in the UK in October 2011 and entered the UK Singles Chart at #13 on 6 November.

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