Ramsey: [over the intercom] On edge. VLF is the acronym for the Very Low Frequency radio spectrum, used by submarines because VLF signals can penetrate up to forty meters of salt water. 1MC means "address all areas of the vessel." Capt. The Captain of a nuclear submarine. Anything less, you should have joined the Air Force. Robert Towne and Steven Zaillian also contributed key scenes. Quentin Tarantino was brought in to do uncredited "punch-ups" of the dialogue. ", [Captain Ramsey addresses the crew before boarding the Alabama]. FALL OUT! The Project 941 missile submarine, NATO codename Typhoon, is named the "Akula" class in Russian. Quentin Tarantino was brought in to do uncredited "punch-ups" of the dialogue. The digital video disc is in anamorphic widescreen; the sonorous underwater rumblings on the Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack will provide you with a good opportunity to show off your system's bass response. Dumb as fenceposts but very intuitive. The Alabama's bridge set was built on a huge hydraulic gimbal. Tommy Lee Jones passed on the part of Captain Ramsey. Ramsey: Short of the outbreak of World War Three, the ship sinking... being attacked by a giant octopus, I'd like to be undisturbed for the next thirty minutes. The actor is actually five years older. When the studio forwarded the film's script to the Navy several months later, the story had changed to Denzel Washington leading a mutiny. Von Clausewitz will now tell us exactly who the real enemy is. It was Curt Jurgens. The sub used in the background during Ramsey's motivational speech in the rain is the former USS Barbel, a Cold War era diesel-electric attack sub. They seem to want you to know why. so, I suggest this. The cigars that Captain Ramsey and Lieutenant Commander Hunter smoke at the beginning of their mission are made by Montecristo. Capt. Capt. They seem to want you know why. Hans Zimmer composed the films soundtrack, and his name was added to the script, to pay him honor. Ramsey: Yeah, horses're fascinating animals. Ramsey: No, Mr. Hunter, that's a message fragment. In the prelude, the CNN reporter (played by former NBC correspondent Richard Valeriani) establishes his location as "Reporting live from the French aircraft carrier Foch, somewhere in the Mediterranean." Now you may have been proven right Mr Hunter, but in so far as the letter of the law is concerned, you were both right - and you were also both wrong. Hunter: Look, it wasn't a mutiny, I did everything by the book. It can be heard in many movies, such as The Right Stuff (1983), Titanic (1997) and The Perfect Storm (2000). General Patton is mentioned in the movie. Ramsey: [chuckles] Be careful there, Mr. Hunter. At one point in the film, a sonar operator mentions a Soviet "Akula" class submarine. But, that's what they did. That is all. The "Sonar" panels constantly depicted in the film are completely false. There's only two sides to a mutiny. I'm captain of this boat. The gimbal tilted the set to simulate the submarine's dive angles. Hunter: Captain, I relieve you of your command of this ship. Ramsey: [looks at the missile drill results] Is this the best they can do? As Ramsey reviews Hunter's service record, November 11, 1959 appears as the character's date of birth. Ramsey: Who live in a fine, outstanding state. The captain then presses the talk button on the microphone to address the crew. Ramsey: Think it was a mistake, Mr. Hunter? Ramsey: I want this down to five minutes. Some scenes were added by Robert Towne in an uncredited script rewrite. The only previous film that has been about an American Naval officer being relieved of command by his executive officer was The Caine Mutiny (1954), in which Humphrey Bogart played the Captain. If someone asked me if we should bomb Japan, a simple "Yes. That was completely improper! Ramsey and his crew are charged with patrolling a region of the Pacific off the Russian coast near Vladivostok and launch missiles at Rachenko's seized missile bases if necessary. They contain no ambiguity. Ramsey: You do qualify your remarks. Ramsey; Pitt had long wanted to work opposite Pacino who he considered a master actor. Brad Pitt expressed sincere interest in playing LCDR Hunter during the period when Al Pacino was offered and considering the role of Capt. The scene in which the U.S.S. We launch. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Weapons Officer: Conn, weapons. We're capable of launching more firepower than has ever been released in the history of war. God help us all. Notable Quentin Tarantino script contributions included Hunter calling himself Captain Kirk, dialogue about submarine films The Enemy Below (1957) and Run Silent Run Deep (1958), and Hunter cornering Rivetti about his argument with Bennefield over whether Jack Kirby or Jean 'Moebius' Giraud was the better artist to draw the Silver Surfer.

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