RELATED: Fans savage Grand Final entertainment. Taylor faces 14 days of self-isolation, having been in … “It certainly has peaked this week,” he said from the US. “Yeah, but today I’ll go for the Tigers,” she said. Brian Taylor has taken aim at “entitled” AFL players and their families over some “ridiculous” requests from the league’s quarantine hubs. “We are getting to see the footy tonight with the cooperation of the players,” Browne said. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2020. Reporter Tom Browne agreed to an extent but argued that the players should be given some leeway. Brian Taylor is one of the most imposing men in the football media landscape with his command over the microphone and cameras. Channel 7 star Brian Taylor has been criticised by footy fans for his part in an awkward pre-game interview with Ash Barty and Stephanie Gilmore as part of the build-up to the 2020 AFL Grand Final. AFL commentator Brian Taylor has clashed with colleagues and former star player Wayne Carey the punishment for Richmond Tigers players involved in a fight outside a Gold Coast strip club. “A huge, huge mistake, but I feel ill for them. "Some boot studder is probably not going to be employed by Richmond this year because of these two players... it's a shocking breach. They have one child. Brian Taylor was born on April 10, 1962 in Australia. "Brian Taylor and @tombrowne7 break down and debate the Richmond incident. “Why are the media sensationalising it to someone’s job only? Brian Taylor has taken aim at “entitled” AFL players and their families over some “ridiculous” requests from the league’s quarantine hubs. Brian Taylor had a blunt question in response to an AFL reporter's opinion. “They were being paid 100% for the first six months of the year (70% for the duration of the year). All times AEDT (GMT +11). “Be happy that you’ve actually got a job, bite your tongue in this situation. "I don't see anything you said there that really matters," he said in response. The $100,000 fine handed to the Tigers also included $25,000 that had been suspended following a previous breach of COVID-19 rules after club captain Trent Cotchin’s wife Brooke visited a day spa. Pictures: Channel 7, Richmond's Sydney Stack and teammate Callum Coleman-Jones will be sent home from the AFL's Gold Coast hub after breaking COVID-19 rules. “Then all of a sudden - four or five days ago - it just went up in elevation at all levels.”. "In terms of the language of the clubs, they do tell some constructive truth at times, it's up to journalists to find out the truth. F Share T Tweet Q SMS W WhatsApp B Email G J Tumblr L LinkedIn. His calling partner Wayne Carey was much more forgiving however, saying he felt for the two players in the wake of the scandal. Taylor couldn’t quite get his head around that particular fact when he spoke to the pair inside the rain-soaked Gabba. I think that’s what would really have hurt Richmond,” Browne said. "I think it's been pretty disappointing in a lot of respects in terms of how Conor has been treated in the last few days," Dangerfield told SEN's Whateley. There's no accuracy issues there, it's really been a health issue in terms of the inconsistency of the tests. Taylor conceded the players and their families were making a huge sacrifice in order to keep the season going, but still thought they were in a fortunate situation compared to the average Joe. "It is best to be right rather than first. "Hopefully we can re-align ourselves in terms of how we deal with the player that is going to contract it. “Some of the requests – requests for apartments to be altered in some physical way. “The draft picks and even premiership points were there available. “We all know that they’re making an extreme sacrifice and we’re so grateful for that. He played with Richmond and Collingwood from 1980 to 1990. It made for some awkward pauses during the exchange — and footy fans accused Taylor of being the reason for the interview falling off the rails. Taylor's jab at Browne came after he defended his reporting of the Bombers defender's ever-changing COVID-19 status, which has left many confused after he tested negative just days after testing positive to the virus. “The AFL’s fed up, to be honest. “I think the AFL’s doing a really good job with the hub.”, McClure told the ‘Talk of The Town’ podcast last week that the league has said “enough is enough.”. “Hamish, it’s just a temporary seat mate, there’s no longevity about that seat that you’re sitting in at all. Brian Taylor, Ash Barty and Stephanie Gilmore on Channel 7.Source:Supplied. Taylor was flabbergasted by the pair’s decisions, which he pointed out had carried the risk of ruining the entire season. AFL great Brian Taylor has ripped journalist Tom Browne over his reporting of Essendon star Conor McKenna's COVID-19 tests throughout the past week. When asking about Barty’s role in the day as a premiership cup presenter, he also referred to Barty as a “football meat head”. Aussie tennis champion Barty’s emphatic celebrations and cheering for the Tigers have gone viral this finals series and even resulted in her being handed the honour of presenting the premiership cup to the Tigers after they beat Geelong by 31 points on Saturday night. “Because under the soft cap — which is the amount you can spend on footy — that will be reduced and either you get less equipment or less staff.

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