Usually they patrol a species specific heights, and Bombus hortorum males patrol at less than one metre from the ground. You will hardly ever see it on open or daisy type Thus, they prefer grassland habitats with ample sunlight reaching the land in order to ensure secure and warm nests beneath the ground. nest. Below you can see a close-up of the, long narrow head of a worker. The ratios of these three cell types were 1:1:6. In a study examining diet preferences of Bombus hortorum, it was determined that foraging behavior of individual bumblebees affects isolation and hybridization of flowering plants. B. hortorum has the longest tongue of any bumblebee in the UK, it is usually around 1.5 cm long, but some bees can stretch to over 2 cm. [9]:219–220 It is also found in America, particularly Florida. The cuckoo species of B. hortorum is B. barbutellis. The photograph below [16] Observations of B. hortorum foraging patterns reveal that they are nototribic, or upright pollinators. The males do not return to the nest after they have developed. SC042830, Red: records 2000-present. [2] It is distinguished from other bumblebees by its long tongue used for … In Britain, it is found through the entire region, including Orkney and Shetland. noticed that hortorum tend to have more balding workers than other species. [5], Bombus hortorum belongs to the Bombus, or bumblebee, genus. Yellow: pre-2000 records. building then any kind of container will do. In the west, its distribution reaches Iceland, where it probably has been introduced. 17-20, workers 11-16, male 14-15 mm. enables them to forage from flowers other bees cannot reach. Research confirmed that a new parasitic protozoan that belongs to the order Neogregarinida caused the infection; this was attributed to the type of spores and the life cycle associated with the protozoan. then the container must be weatherproof and placed in a south-facing sheltered It holds the position of being one of the six most common bumblebees throughout Europe. in the UK, it is usually around 1.5 cm long, but some bees can stretch to over [18], Bombus hortorum lack much variety in their diet, as the majority of the pollen they collect comes from one source, Fabaceae. disappearing entirely within the flower, and rubbing their back against the Furthermore, when a single queen is first establishing her colony at the beginning of the season, pesticide risks could pose consequences for colony development and size. B. Bombus hortorum ( Linnaeus , 1761) [1] The garden bumblebee or small garden bumblebee , Bombus hortorum , is a species of bumblebee found in most of Europe north to … For more photos visit: For more detailed information visit:, Registered Charity No. When feeding on plants in quick continuation, bumblebees have their proboscis extended as they approach the flower. Small areas they have been found to feed in are separated by brush from neighboring spaces, displaying ecological isolation. [3] A large bumblebee colony is considered to be several hundred individuals. [3] Bumblebees tend to favor perennial flowers rather than annual species because perennials produce more nectar, providing the bees with more sustenance. [10], Bombus hortorum queens searching for locations to build a nest are most frequently found along forest and field boundaries and in open uncultivated fields. [6], In 1988, a new pathogen was discovered to be affecting Bombus hortorum workers and queens, causing the appearance of unusual spores on the bumblebees. While inside their host bodies, Crithidia bombi have been discovered to reproduce clonally as well as sexually. This means that it can forage on flowers that have deep corollas that would keep out other bees. e.g. In the south of England queens can be seen as early as March, and there can be two generations a year, with the second staring in June. Using their preferred routes, Bombus individuals move between plant groups and forage patches as they search for pollen and nectar to consume. The Garden bumblebee is also generally less neat in appearance than the Ruderal bumblebee, which has very even-length hair. 4 degrees) and flicker fusion sensitivities (approx 130 Hz) were determined. [7], This bumblebee has an oblong head and a very long tongue, about 15 mm (0.59 in), and in some cases even 20 mm (0.79 in). [19], Because they forage at the same sites, B. hortorum compete largely with honeybees. [6], At the end of the species’ season in the winter, mated queens search for hibernation sites underground while the rest of the colony dies off. In this photograph This has an adverse effect on the Bombus genus. He would soon return to normal once he drank some nectar and allowed the sun to warm him up. terrestris/lucorum. Trap-lining refers to a feeding behavior in which individuals follow a regular route and visit the same flowers each time they forage. The Ruderal bumblebee produces melanic (all black) individuals far more frequently than the Garden bumblebee, or indeed any other British bumblebee species, and all-black bumblebees are likely to be that species. Bombus hortorum has a long head and a slimmer body than B. 1115634 / Scottish Charity No. Home - Invertebrates - was taken just below the Eiffel Tower in Paris. [6] Because Bombus hortorum has better visual sensitivity compared to other bees, they can start foraging earlier in the morning and return to their nests later in the day. Bombus hortorum colonies are On the other hand, queens combine both pollen and nectar foraging in one expedition and visit multiple plant species. B. hortorum has the longest tongue of any bumblebee [12], A single queen starts a new colony in the springtime. Males of the Garden bumblebee (Bombus hortorum) have black hair around the mandibles where the Ruderal bumblebee have ginger, but females are more difficult to separate, and the only fully reliable method is to measure the length of the face: the Ruderal bumblebee has a longer face than the Garden bumblebee, more than 1.5 times as long as wide.

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