@markingram21 #BigTruss #RavensFlock pic.twitter.com/tB9orOMUV7. The Ravens have been a team on a mission this season, now sitting atop the AFC at 10-2. “I just hope and I know that we’ll keep it going.”. The fan base can feel the excitement of this season, and the players are doing what they can, week in and week out, to keep the positive vibes going around Baltimore. From there, "Big Truss" took on a life of its own as the Ravens continued to rack up the wins. “‘Big Truss.’ Insider [knowledge]. While the meaning of the phrase is not known, and members of the team have not expanded on it, the legend of "Big Truss" has grown since it was introduced by Ravens … What does Big Truss mean for the Baltimore Ravens? Everything we do, we do it big, so I gotta put the ‘big’ on it, ‘big truss.’ And the interview went viral, and now it’s crazy,” Ingram said. “I feel like in the spirit of my teammates who have been up here to talk to you guys the last few weeks, I should say something like real inspiring like BIG TRUSS … and I’ll open it up for questions,” Tucker said. Leading up to the matchup with the Tennesse Titans, Baltimore has gone all out. Tucker, the man of the hour, was the person to talk to after the game, and as he stepped to the podium to begin his post-game news conference, he had some fun with the media. Copyright © 2020 WordSmith Media Ventures, LLC. “Big Truss is something we throw around in the locker room,” running back Gus Edwards said on Glenn Clark Radio Dec. 3. It’s gone viral, especially after Tucker’s opening remarks. “Big Truss” became the catchphrase surrounding the 2019 Baltimore Ravens, but it left many perplexed about its meaning. In his larger-than-life speech, the words "Big Truss" were emphatically said. It’s dope.”. As the playoffs begin for Baltimore, there will be plenty of it all around. Whatever it truly does mean, "Big Truss" hit the national spotlight in Week 11 after the Ravens routed the Houston Texans 41-7. The love between the two players wasn’t one-sided, either; Lamar gave plenty of love to Ingram too. ... "I don't think you can put one definition on it. "Big Truss" has become synonymous with the Ravens. While "Big Truss" is now well-known in the Ravens community, it wasn't at the beginning of the season. For the team, however, it’s less about who said it and more about what it means. For those that have been following the Ravens this season, the phrase "Big Truss" is always something that comes to mind. Probably should’ve known Mark Ingram was going to practice based on the donuts in Ravens media room this morning pic.twitter.com/hHqi9zYzZx, How dope is THIS?!? |, New Video Promotes Baltimores ‘Underdog’ Mentality In Bid For World Cup Matches, Matt Kremnitzer: Orioles SS Jose Iglesias Succeeded A Different Way In 2020, After Two Bumpy Years, Former Poly Star Demetrius Mims Has Opportunity At Towson, Glenn Clark: Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Must Rise To The Steelers Occasion, Player Profile: Frederick High School’s Mae Beins, Ryan Mountcastle Shows Potential To Be Cornerstone Player For Orioles, After Injuries, DeShon Elliott Taking Advantage Of Opportunity With Ravens, Ravens PR James Proche Believes He’s Ready To Contribute On Offense, Five Takeaways From The Terps’ 43-3 Loss At Northwestern, Report: Orioles’ Mike Elias, Chris Holt Involved In Potential Pension Fraud (Updated). It's a feeling. It did take a while for some, like Pierce, to grab hold of it since originally, he was confused as to why trust was being spelled truss. Indications were that, Ron Rivera sends great tweet after finishing cancer treatment, Mike McCarthy gets vote of confidence from Stephen Jones, Andy Dalton does not remember what happened on big hit, Joey Bosa helped teach Jaguars’ K’Lavon Chaisson after game, Washington shares awesome video from Ron Rivera’s final cancer treatment, Odell Beckham Jr. out for season with torn ACL. Ravens fans alike will continue to echo “Big Truss” around the region for the rest of the season as the team gears up for what promises to be a deep playoff run. After the Ravens’ 41-7 blowout win against the Houston Texans Nov. 17, running back Mark Ingram introduced Jackson to the media with the phrase. McCarthy’s Cowboys dropped to 2-5 after an ugly loss to Washington on Sund, Andy Dalton has entered the NFL’s concussion protocol after he took a brutal shot to the head in Sunday’s game, and the Dallas Cowboys quarterback appeared to lose consciousness for a brief time. (Lamar Jackson) used to tell me that all the time. But there’s a real sense of togetherness throughout the team. In his larger-than-life speech, the words "Big Truss" were emphatically said. Rivera completed his final cancer treatment, and he is understa, Mike McCarthy has had a pretty brutal start to his tenure as Dallas Cowboys head coach, but he has not lost the faith of the organization’s key figures. Running back Mark Ingram took the podium and gave an introduction for Jackson. However, the origins of it are fuzzy, though most people point to quarterback Lamar Jackson. Players say it to each other. Now, as the Ravens enter the playoffs as Super Bowl favorites, the "truss" is only getting bigger. That following week before a matchup with the Rams, "Big Truss" was expanded on. Whatever it truly does mean, "Big Truss" hit the national spotlight in Week 11 after the Ravens routed the Houston Texans 41-7. “It just means, literally, like a brother, a familyhood-type thing,” Pierce said. To hear more from Pierce, listen to the full interview here: And to hear more from Edwards, listen to the full interview here: Click here to sign up for PressBox’s free weekly email newsletter. Even John Harbaugh has joined the movement. Find out why Big Truss has become a motivational cry for Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram and the Ravens. To me, it’s a testament to how close we are, how we trust each other, how everybody’s ready when they’re called upon.”. The saying has become synonymous with the team and a rallying cry on social media. Here's a guide for everything you need to know about "Big Truss," starting at the beginning. “This like Year Two of it, honestly. Well, for the public at least. Weeks later, "Big Truss" grew even larger when kicker Justin Tucker said following his game-winning field goal against the San Francisco 49ers. Guys wanna win on the team and it’s amazing to see everything come together on Sundays,” Edwards said. You don't need to talk about it," Jackson told reporters. As of Sunday evening, Dalton wa, Joey Bosa has been one of the best defensive players in the NFL for several years now, which is why his Los Angeles Chargers teammates likely lean on him for advice. But for those who may just be joining the Ravens hype-train for the playoffs, the two words may sound unfamiliar. "To me, it's a testament to how … And then y’all just caught it on camera. “Man, it’s like trust, but just two ‘S’s’ — more swaggy. “I didn’t know what it meant at first,” Pierce said. Few people had ever heard of the “Big Truss” term prior to the Ravens’ 41-7 win over the Houston Texans. "Big truss" has become the Ravens' catchphrase this season. Though, Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram were hesitant to give away more information on the term. Truss goes back to trust, working toward the same goals as the people around you and having faith in your supporting cast. Something along those lines.”. Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker had just nailed a game-winning, 49-yard field goal to defeat the San Francisco 49ers, 20-17, Dec. 1. 3 months ago. “Big Truss” became the catchphrase surrounding the 2019 Baltimore Ravens, but it left many perplexed about its meaning. Following the Chargers’, Ron Rivera reached a major milestone with his cancer treatment on Monday, and the Washington Football Team documented some of it for those who have been following the coach’s journey. How did it happen? The Ravens and "Big Truss" go hand-in-hand. In his postgame news conference, Mark Ingram hyped up Lamar Jackson and introduced him to the media. Receive comprehensive coverage of your teams and stream Capitals and Wizards games easily from your device. BIG TRUST WOOP WOOP ... [Schefter] Ravens right-time Pro Bowl guard Marshal Yanda will announce his retirement on this week, per @jamisonhensley. “I knew, but I didn’t really identify with it, but it stuck on and it’s going global now.”. Ingram was asked by Kyle Brandt about the meaning of Big Truss and offered this explanation. The word can be described as similar to trust, though as the story explains there are plenty of different interpretations based on which player you ask. The Baltimore Sun reported in a story that "truss" was a word that Lamar Jackson and Marquise "Hollywood" Brown both became familiar with during their time in Broward County, Florida, where they are both from.

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