Battle Pass: Chance Thomas - Startup2:04 - Main Menu4:27 - Hero Select5:32 - Countdown8:03 - Laning 1 - Layer 19:56 - Laning 1 - Layer 211:49 - Laning 1 - Layer 313:41 - Laning 2 - Layer 115:32 - Laning 2 - Layer 217:23 - Laning 2 - Layer 319:14 - Laning 3 - Layer 121:00 - Laning 3 - Layer 222:46 - Laning 3 - Layer 324:32 - Laning 1 - All Layers26:25 - Laning 2 - All Layers28:16 - Laning 3 - All Layers30:02 - Battle 130:47 - Battle 1 End30:57 - Battle 231:41 - Battle 2 End31:50 - Battle 332:33 - Battle 3 End32:43 - Ganked Small32:48 - Ganked Medium32:56 - Ganked Large33:02 - Roshan33:44 - Roshan End33:53 - Smoke of Deceit34:41 - Smoke of Deceit End34:47 - Smoke of Deceit End Hero34:53 - Killed36:56 - Respawn37:04 - Radiant Victory37:25 - Radiant Loss37:41 - Dire Victory38:01 - Dire LossListen To All Tracks Separately: Any of you out there care to recommend music packs easily available in the Dota 2 store? I am already enjoying Winter Battle Pass 2017 & my most favorite announcer and mega-kill pack, Stanley Parable. Picked Heroes Within and Stanley Parable pack as my mains. All of these are on shuffle for me. Play All | Info | Get me on Chrome / Firefox. Team Secret has looked pretty much unstoppable throughout the whole DPC season up until the end. As of writing this, the prize pool is over $30 million. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Top ten DOTA 2 mid players at The International 2019, Top ten DOTA 2 coaches attending The International 2019, Top ten things about Netflix’ The Witcher, Top ten items under $25 that can increase your quality of life, Top ten changes in the DOTA 2 Outlanders update, Top ten things to do on Jeju, South Korea. Rank some teams to high or low? Right now, I am only using Northern Winds, but before that I have been shuffling all the TI packs and heroes within. Gonna check that out the most. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. PSG.LGD have had two strong DPC seasons and are looking hungry for an aegis. With support from coach, Pajkatt, they should be able to go a decent distance in the tournament. This tournament brings out the greatest DOTA 2 players all looking to claim the aegis of champions. Also check out When did EG last get 3rd? [Dota 2] - TI8 - The International 2018 Music Pack - YouTube This item comes with The International 10 Battle Pass. GalaxiaShadow. I use the rest except for one, which would be the Dire Shred Music Pack. Matt lange abstraction by far Timekeeper is good too, jj lin's timekeeper and desert music pack, i especially like the hero select theme in desert pack. The expectations for this squad aren’t huge so hopefully they can do well with little pressure on them. But I am sure they are hungry to do well this year. VG had a very strong finish to the DPC claiming 3rd place in the rankings.

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