comment, corruption, disturbing, investigation, scottish politics, uk politics, wtf, Wings Over Scotland is a (mainly) Scottish political media digest and monitor, which also offers its own commentary. analysis, comment, corruption, disturbing, scottish politics, transcult. @StewartMRegan” But not quite SO secure that they still don’t want to cheat. Given the extremely dodgy secret-Survey-Monkey-ballot shenanigans recently adopted by the party NEC, we’re uncomfortably reminded of a famous quote attributed to Joseph Stalin: “it’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes”. “The acquisition means we’ll be able to do that even better by bringing our customers all the benefits of Xerox’s brand-leading products and managed print services expertise.”. comment, disturbing, scottish politics. We need a better plan. ", Wings Over Scotland © Powered by WordPress Remove; In this conversation. For despite her failure to succeed in role after role, election after election, her star continues to ascend through the patronage of the SNP’s inner sanctum and to the bemusement of ordinary members and parliamentarians. Television’s transforming before our eyes, as both what we watch and how we watch it changes. Let a Celtic minded poster give you something of the high esteem he was held in & the authority they believed he carried. The United States, despite the great wealth and talent available to it in Hollywood and elsewhere, is the worse for the absence of a properly funded and high quality public broadcasting service. Category Category The battle to save the soul of the SNP – formerly a party of Scottish independence but now a career vehicle for intolerant science-denying cultists solely interested in social engineering – is already almost lost. October 26, 2020 by, Posted on (More), Stats: 969,564 Comments, "There's no limit to what a Category An ever-greater number of programmes shown through increasing mediums. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Major row looming . If there’s still anyone left reading this site who doubts that the SNP National Executive Committee is currently engaged in a coup against the membership of the party, meant to be a fait accompli by the time the NEC is up for re-election at the end of November, we’d urge you to read the extremely disturbing letter below from the Convener of the party’s Constituency Association (CA) in Dumbarton, which he’s attempting to circulate to local members against obstruction from the NEC (pictured), who have shut down the branch mailer system from party HQ to stop the CA speaking to its members. analysis, corruption, culture, disturbing, eeww, investigation, scottish politics, transcult, At the climax of a popular and multiple-Oscar-winning movie from 1995, the Scottish leader William Wallace is portrayed heroically roaring the word “FREEDOM!”. ''I'd expect his post on the RTC … October 20, 2020 by, Posted on Can any alert readers spot the common link between all these people who are beside themselves with outrage that the subject of women’s rights should even be discussed or debated? Huge revenue & integrity implications” But that doesn’t equate to balanced political coverage being provided, quality product displayed, or distinct countries reflected. (The person in question, incidentally, is Caroline McAllister, who the SNP NEC blocked from contesting the Dumbarton seat Giugliano wants to stand for.). Tags: Sarah-Jane Donaldson, soapbox Category “The Dutch FA banned FC Twente for 3 years for misleading them over a licence application . Category On Sunday we told you about Mridul Wadhwa, a man who deceived his way into a job at a rape crisis centre and now wants to be an SNP MSP, in a seat where the party supposedly has an all-woman shortlist. comment, eeww, scottish politics, transcult. Category Voting is now open in the selection contests to determine who the SNP’s candidates at next year’s election will be. “Top 6 looks likely to be this, with ( home games) by the split Celtic (16) Rangers (17) Aberdeen (16) Hibs (16) Killie (17) Hearts (16) Rangers will have played every other top 6 team twice at home by the split. But if Tories don’t even care about being seen to starve hungry children – just about the most monstrous, inhuman thing imaginable, as Tickell notes in cold, eloquent fury – it completely escapes our understanding why a substantial proportion of people still appear to believe they’ll give Scotland a second referendum out of some sense of morality and decency, just because they’ll have lost yet another election in a country that hasn’t voted Tory in the best part of 70 years. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. “@chmcgiff Here’s some friendly advice Don’t include your employers info on your profile if you are going to behave like a smartass I don’t care , but they might” At the weekend we made a half-joke about who’d be counting the votes in the SNP’s candidate elections to determine who’d be standing for Holyrood next year. Category Its society is the poorer and its democracy badly distorted by its absence. Holiday Boy is off for the next fortnight, readers, but there’s no way he’d have come up with anything funnier than this anyway. We’ve had another Freedom Of Information response from the Scottish Government. But Wadhwa isn’t the only man trying to muscle in on a woman-only shortlist. But we’ll add that one to the list. Search query Search Twitter. man can do, or where he He’s on fine fettle as the former in The National today: The paragraph above is unfailingly true. Indeed, so secure do the party’s controlling faction consider themselves that they now feel able to openly call their own supporters “bitches”. 4.7.5, The world's most-read Scottish politics website, Posted on October 19, 2020 by, Posted on But the statement below – it’s good to speak to people on both sides of a debate – is surely the very definition of sense and reason. (We first saw it on Iain Lawson’s excellent blog, and are carrying out the request for it to be as widely distributed as possible.). October 24, 2020 by, Posted on Unlike the Hulk, this site very much prefers Andrew Tickell (previously Lallands Peat Worrier) when he’s angry, as opposed to his rather more customary appearance these days as a hearty and affable chronicler of life from the cosy perspective of someone embarking on a lifelong career in Scotland’s well-fed academic/media/legal elite. It’s in this sense that we’re forced to assume the Scottish Government has interpreted the word “freedom” in the phrase “freedom of information”. October 22, 2020 by, Posted on Category Following the stitch-up of Joanna Cherry, the latest victim of the SNP’s woke cabal is Caroline McAllister, a woman who the party considers quite fit to be a councillor – and indeed the Deputy Leader of its group on West Dunbartonshire council – but who has suddenly somehow become unacceptable when she tried to seek nomination for the MSP seat currently held by Jackie Baillie of Scottish Labour. Category Your comment will be posted after it is approved. corruption, disturbing, investigation, scottish politics. October 25, 2020 by, Posted on Yet that simple and wildly uncontroversial position – that the view shared by the vast majority of the population should at the minimum be heard and considered – caused a predictable storm of fury from the SNP’s woke faction, who directly equated a belief in biology and women’s rights with bigotry, racism and Nazism. Unfortunately, at the time he’s bound by ropes to a wooden table, having been hanged until half-dead and then had his intestines torn out with a knife shortly before someone lops his head off with an axe, cuts his body into several parts and displays them on spikes all around Scotland as a warning to anyone who might seek its independence. Remember also at this juncture the twitter account Barcabhoy was running a campaign around resolution 12 & always seemed to be speaking with a certain authority on these matters & particularly on matters related to Rangers tax case. who gets the credit. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. comment, culture, media, scottish politics. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. October 18, 2020 by, Posted on “Our aim has always been to exceed customer expectations with regard to performance and cost savings,” said Colin Paterson, founder of Concept Group. It’s long, so we’ve highlighted a couple of passages of particular interest. An excellent blog by the former SNP Trade & Industry spokesman Iain Lawson today highlights the near-impossibility of effecting change from within the SNP now, due to changes made by the leadership to eliminate the influence of ordinary members. 5,502 Posts, can go, if he doesn’t mind October 17, 2020 by, Posted on Saved searches. The dead hand running the show at SNP HQ is no better illustrated than by the career path of Shirley-Anne Somerville. Category Category Digital imaging technology giant Canon UK has secured a position on the Procurement Scotland Framework, meaning that it is now a key approved supplier of products and services to the entire Scottish public sector. October 15, 2020 by, extremely dodgy secret-Survey-Monkey-ballot shenanigans, previously referred to Joan McAlpine as a, blocked from contesting the Dumbarton seat, shared by the vast majority of the population, chronically dysfunctional current National Executive Committee, cuts his body into several parts and displays them on spikes all around Scotland as a warning to anyone who might seek its independence.

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