For use under adult supervision, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 October 2013. They subsequently turned the base into an ice rink and skated around it until the other Autobots came back. Concerned by the repercussions of the Decepticons's discovery of how to build space bridges, Arcee wanted to destroy it, but Cliffjumper convinced her it was their way off Cybertron. Predatory, After Optimus was infected by Cybonic plague, Arcee and Bumblebee GroundBridged aboard the Nemesis. arcee transformer toy. Relief came in the form of Agent Fowler and three helicopters, which forced Airachnid to retreat. Hasbro Transformers Dark of the Moon Arcee Exclusive Deluxe Action Figure, 6 PCS Car Robot Toys, Mini Action Figure, Deformation Robot for Kids 5~12, Transformers Prime Bumblebee and Arcee NYCC Exclusive Action Figure 2 Pack, Transformers: The Last Knight Premier Edition Deluxe Autobot Sqweeks, Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons Exclusive Deluxe Action Figure 2Pack Rotorwash Rumble Arcee Tailwhip, Transformers Generations Deluxe Class Arcee, Chromia & Windblade Set, Transformers Cyberverse Bumblebee Adventures Deluxe Class Hot Rod Action Figure Toy, with Build-A-Figure Piece, for Ages 6 and Up, 5-inch, Transformers Generations Deluxe Class Windblade Figure, Transformers Generations Titans Return Deluxe Twin Twist and Flameout, Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron: Earthrise Deluxe WFC-E20 Smokescreen Action Figure - Kids Ages 8 and Up, 5.5-inch, Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Smokescreen Figure 5 Inches, Transformers Toys Autobot Team Combiner Pack - 4 Figure Gift Set – Figures Combine into a Super Robot - Toys for Kids 6 and Up - 8.5 inch scale, Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Prowl Figure, Transformers Toys Studio Series 64 Deluxe Bumblebee Movie Cliffjumper Action Figure - Kids Ages 8 and Up, 4.5-inch, Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron: Earthrise Voyager WFC-E22 Quintesson Judge Action Figure - Kids Ages 8 and Up, 7-inch, Transformers: Bumblebee Movie Toys, Energon Igniters Nitro Bumblebee Action Figure - Included Core Powers Driving Action - Toys for Kids 6 & Up, 7", Transformers Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures Toys Deluxe Class Thunderhowl Action Figure, with Build-A-Figure Piece, 5-inch, Transformers Cyberverse Warrior Class Optimus Prime, Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron: Earthrise Deluxe WFC-E31 Autobot Alliance 2-Pack Action Figures - Kids Ages 8 and Up, 5.5-inch. Please try again. Power Rangers Beast Morphers Beast-X Morpher. Darkness Rising, Part 4, She later paid Jack a visit and managed to talk him into returning to the Autobot base. Later they came to Miko and Bulkhead's aid to save the pair from Knock Out and Breakdown, and Arcee was present when Miko managed to rouse the comatose Bulkhead. The pair sought shelter, but as their temperatures slowly dropped, things looked grim. Arcee. Arcee was webbed and rendered unconscious, but while MECH was preparing her for "surgery", she recovered and escaped. Leaving the others to fight the Insecticons, Arcee chased Airachnid, eventually reaching the Insecticon hive. Stunt Vehicle Robot Toy for Boys and Girls, Yarmoshi Robot Truck 2 in 1 Action Figure This Remote Control Fighter Toy has a USB Connection for Easy Charging. Orion Pax, Part 3, Arcee was impressed by Bumblebee's retrieval of the Spark Extractor, and when his T-cog was later stolen, knew immediately it was MECH. After dispatching the Decepticons, Arcee and Wheeljack proceeded to retrieve the bone they'd been after, and Arcee managed to talk her companion into not abandoning his place in the Autobot team. Mission successful, they returned to base for the big reunion. After foiling an attempt by Starscream to retake the warship, the Autobots attempted to defend the Well of All Sparks from Unicron's onslaught. With the only choice to retrieve the gauntlet, Arcee ordered Miko to return to base, and she and Bulkhead tracked the 'Cons to an old gas station. Unable to add item to List. This is great as a collectible on my shelf. After everything was resolved, Arcee again took part in the partying, mostly by standing around watching the others dance. Its only ok because I find that my son struggles to make them transform and always asks me to - no its not fun and he doesn't do it just for the sake of it. A Vehicon scouting party showed up looking for the source of the energy signature the bomb was giving off, so Optimus, Arcee and Bumblebee went out to trash them.

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