[123] A medium-security prison in Hampton County, South Carolina, was directly impacted by an EF4 tornado, with resultant damage so severe that occupying inmates were relocated to Pennsylvania. .highslide-image { padding: 5px; EF3 tree damage continued along Three Notch Road, while a mobile home and two frame homes were destroyed nearby. Air Quality 62 tornadoes touched down in this outbreak across Alabama with 3 EF-5 tornadoes touching down in the state. Damage rapidly became more severe and widespread as the tornado continued to the northeast and moved into more populated areas in the southwestern part of Seneca. Sporadic EF1 damage was observed as the tornado proceeded to cross Powell Avenue, where homes sustained partial roof loss and trees were damaged. Flooding also resulted from training rainfall near and north of Interstate 20. Fire Weather [109] Southern Baptist disaster relief agencies established relief operations centered in Soso, Mississippi, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. background-color: white; [112] At emergency shelters, masks and gloves were provided to residents. .highslide-display-none { Assisting members were provided personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. } margin: 0 10px 10px 0; It then impacted another group of homes to north the of town on the Turner Expressway, heavily damaging or destroying them and killing three in the area. A mobile home was destroyed in this area, a small frame home had its roof torn off and sustained partial exterior wall collapse, and numerous trees were snapped. Most of the damage in Soso was rated EF3, though a small area of low-end EF4 damage occurred along MS 28, where a well-built concrete block convenience store was completely leveled. With nine fatalities, the outbreak was also the second deadliest on record in the state since 1950, behind only the outbreak of March 28, 1984. [5] A large squall line formed and tracked through the mid-Atlantic on April 13, prompting more tornado warnings and watches. It was lofted by an EF-4 at Moss, Mississippi. EF3 damage to an auto-parts store in the East Brainerd area of Chattanooga, Tennessee. This structure was not well-anchored, and a high-end EF3 rating was applied to the restaurant. Saltville, in Smyth County Virginia, recorded hail of 4.5 inches in diameter! 4:01 pm CDT, 5 S Ashcraft Corner Hazardous Weather Outlook, Current Conditions Another home across the street sustained EF3 damage as well, sustaining roof and exterior wall loss. Traveled 121 miles to Tuscaloosa County Alabama. Winter Products Description [55] Throughout the Chattanooga metropolitan area, 2,718 properties sustained damage, of which 254 were destroyed and 259 had major damage. .highslide:hover img { [91] The Twin Cities recorded 5.1 in (130 mm) of snow, setting a new Easter Sunday record going back to 1891. April 13 at 7 am, 850 mb Analysis [95] Daily snowfall records were set in Rochester and Eau Claire. Early this week, snowfall is expected to fall as far south as Texas and it's only October 25th. The tornado quickly became strong as it moved northeastward through Hope, producing low-end EF2 damage. It first touched down along Price Road in Lawrence County, Mississippi, east-southeast of the small community of Topeka. } Trees and homes in this area suffered EF0 to EF1 damage as the tornado crossed over SC 11 and SC 24. Damages in Seneca alone were reported as being in excess of $200 million. Public Information Statement background: url(/images/bmx/highslide/graphics/fullexpand.gif) no-repeat; [113], Of Mississippi's 82 counties, 33 reported damage from the tornado and severe weather event. /* These must always be last */ Trees and tree limbs in Fort Oglethorpe were downed, and some homes and apartment buildings sustained roof damage. 2011 was a brutal year for tornadoes. Ranking the Easter 2020 tornado outbreak versus the worst outbreaks in history, Cold and snow forecasted as far south as Texas... in October. April 12 at 7 am, 850 mb Analysis Previsión de 7 Días A strip mall was severely damaged, with a barbecue restaurant on the east side of the building completely destroyed.

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