Binary Options Trading Signals

Binary Options Trading Signals is a company that provides and online service to traders. Essentially it streams information in chart and text formats about what is happening in the markets of the world. Traders can access almost any information they need from this service which makes it one of the most highly rated services in the world.

Traders are also able to place trades through the service which has some of the best rates available — up to 85%. The rates are applicable to the trading environment because when a trader places a trade, the service provider through which he places the trade raises a flat fee for handling the trade. These fees vary from one trading facility to the next and are relevant because they add to the cost of trading. When a trader makes a profit, he has to deduct the cost of the trade which is the fee charged by the entity carrying the deal.

Here is a review of Binary Options Trading Signals.

Assets and Options Types

The information and signals that this company sends out are generated by a person as he trades. In other words, the information is generated in real time by a person as opposed to computers crunching data. A wide range of stocks, currencies and commodities are covered.

The owner of the site is Franco and he is credited with generating the signals. He is a versatile trader and gives information on a variety of trades such as high / low contracts, one touch options and the risky 60 second strategy contracts. The wide variety means that traders following this site will have a broad view of the trading styles and be able to experiment with different strategies.

Signals Generation Mechanism

As mentioned, Franco generates the signals available on this site. They are put online from 09h30 EST to 11h30 EST. Because they are streamed live, traders can observe Franco executing his trades.

The site includes a chat room where traders can communicate with other traders. This is a good sign, because it means that the service is genuine and that the service provider is not hiding anything or trying to cheat his clients. If he was, he wouldn’t encourage open discussion between his clients.

The chat room is always very busy and well attended with traders all chatting with one another. They share experiences and observations about their experiences in trading. This makes the fee paid to join the service worth while.

Franco spends a lot of time analysing the markets and the information he has gathered, making sure that the trades he places are as accurate as possible. Because of this, he usually places about five trades during the day.

This pace may seem slow, but it is probably the wisest route to follow. By being cautious, Franco probably has an 80% plus success rate. Convert that to money terms it looks like this: at $100 per trade, Franco succeeds with four trades and makes about $240 per day. This in turn translates to $4800 per month profit on a consistent basis.

Minimum Winning Ratio

A winning ratio is the average of all your trades, winning and losing. To make money trading Binary Options you have to have an average success rate of over 65%. Many traders don’t achieve this ratio. Franco promises a winning rate of 85%. As you can see, this is very high and will certainly make you money.

You will only achieve a high ratio after a lot of experience and following very rigid and responsible trading habits. Closely following Franco’s signals and the rationale behind his trades will go a long way to helping you succeed in the binary trading market — but you will have to follow his lead exactly.

Fees and Commissions

Franco charges what some consider to be a high fee. You will pay $97 per fortnight. But you get what you pay for. On less costly sites, you might receive signals by email, but those will be too late to act on. Binary Options Trading Signals has a huge advantage because it is live, it puts itself on the line by suggesting a possible trading ratio of 85% success and Franco is online as he trades. He is a professional and he puts his money where his mouth is because you can see every thing he does.